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Observations From The MLSPA’s Fall Salary Dump

Let’s gawk at everyone’s paychecks!

MLS: Chicago Fire at D.C. United Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the moooooooost wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime...

Anyway. The MLS Players Association released updated salary figures earlier today, as is their custom.

Some early observations:

  • Bastian Schweinsteiger remains the team’s highest-paid player at $6.1 million.
  • With total compensation at $2.073 million, Yura Movsisyan earns a higher salary than both Nemanja Nikolic and Aleksandar Katai.
  • Nicolas Del Grecco, who has yet to play for the Fire, nonetheless draws a salary of $90k.
  • Richard Sanchez earns $130k, which is more than Patrick McLain and Stefan Cleveland, who have since bumped him down the goalkeeper pecking order, earn combined.
  • Alan Gordon, who has scored a whopping four goals and may never play in a Fire shirt again, earns a cool $155k in total compensation.

Some real business geniuses in the front office.

You can check out the full breakdown below.

Chicago Fire Fall 2018 Salaries

Last name First name Position Base Salary Total Compensation
Last name First name Position Base Salary Total Compensation
Vincent Brandon D $122,375.00 $144,250.00
Solignac Luis F $300,000.00 $353,312.50
Sanchez Richard GK $130,000.08 $132,500.08
Schweinsteiger Bastian M $6,100,000.08 $6,100,000.08
Polster Matt M $109,890.00 $124,890.00
Nikolic Nemanja F $1,700,000.04 $1,906,333.37
Mihailovic Djordje M $96,000.04 $96,000.04
Movsisyan Yura F $1,850,000.00 $2,073,750.00
McCarty Dax M $700,000.08 $712,500.08
McLain Patrick GK $67,500.00 $67,500.00
Lillard Grant D $80,000.04 $82,500.04
Kappelhof Johan D $555,000.00 $595,000.00
Katai Aleksandar M $1,200,000.00 $1,320,333.33
Johnson Daniel M $68,254.20 $68,254.20
Gordon Alan F $150,000.00 $155,000.00
Hasler Nicolas D-M $132,000.00 $147,666.67
Edwards Raheem F $55,654.20 $55,654.20
Corrales Jorge D $67,500.00 $67,500.00
de Leeuw Michael F $525,000.00 $589,212.50
Dean Christian D $90,000.00 $93,125.00
Del Grecco Nicolas D $90,000.00 $91,125.00
Cleveland Stefan GK $55,654.20 $55,654.20
Collier Elliot F $54,500.04 $54,500.04
Conner Drew M $68,907.30 $68,907.30
Campbell Jonathan D $120,175.00 $128,300.00
Campos Diego M $54,500.04 $54,500.04
Bronico Brandt M $68,254.00 $68,254.00
Adams Mohammed M $90,000.00 $125,000.00