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Fire Season Ticket Price Increases Disproportionately Affect Section 8

Section 101 has also been reclassified as a “Corner Kick” section

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In the unnecessary and self-defeating war they have waged on the club’s most loyal supporters, the Chicago Fire Front Office is launching one last salvo before the end of the season.

The club is making a push for season ticket purchases for the 2019 season. Orders placed in the month of October will lock in 2018 prices. On November 1st, price increases go into effect. For the most part, the price increases are fairly modest, with some as low as $4.

There are, however, some notable exceptions.

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One of the steepest price increases is being levied on the “Supporter” tier, which covers Section 8’s block in the Harlem End and, until recently, Sector Latino’s block in Section 101. 2019 “Supporter” tier season tickets are being priced at $374— a $48 increase over 2018 prices.

There was also a $48 increase for Skyway Corner tickets— $357, up from $309. Section 8 has an offshoot colony of sorts in that part of the stadium.

The highest overall increase is in the Center Circle tier, an $84 hike over 2018. This is for sections 107, 108, and 109. The Skyway Midfield tier also saw a $38 increase from last year.

Other tiers got off pretty light. The two Premium seating tiers, FieldSide and Club, saw increases of $5 and $4, respectively. These tickets offer, among other things, access to the Heineken Second Star Club and a host of luxury amenities, including an “in-seat dining experience.”

The Premier tier will see an increase of $6 over 2018 prices, while Corner Kick seats will cost an extra $4 in 2019.

One other detail evident from the sales campaign: Section 101, previously occupied by Sector Latino before they were unceremoniously banned from the stadium, has been reclassified under the Corner Kick tier. It’s no longer considered a “Supporter” section, and tickets for 101 will cost $527 in 2019. (You can, of course, save a whopping $4 if you place your order before the end of October.)

Section 8 Chicago chairman Dan Giroux says this move is further proof of the club’s refusal to engage with supporters in good faith.

“Personally I find these prices offensive,” Giroux said. “And that is without even mentioning the incredibly poor results this season. After a year of marginalizing supporters groups, for supporters sections to see the largest price increase only confirms that they do not place value in the community and culture that built this club.”

“This is either vindictive or ignorant to the current situation, and this will hurt Section 8 and it’s supporters groups in attracting and engaging with new potential fans going forward.”

We’ve reached out to the club for comment and will update this post if and when they respond.