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Roundtable: It All Feels Bad

The Hot Time crew grouses over the Fire’s loss to DCU

MLS: Chicago Fire at D.C. United Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

James Bridget Gordon: Happy Monday, all.

How are we feeling after the DCU game?

Adnan Bašić: Same old same old meh kinda feel. Don’t think anything was gonna change that.

Ruben Tisch: Fine? I mean, the game was entertaining, they got beat by The Roons. Raheem Edwards did a thing.

James Bridget: Raheem Edwards did indeed do a thing.

Adnan: Such a well taken goal. His signing might be one of the few bright spots from the year.

Ruben: I kind of just want the season to be over already.

Ruel Gutierrez Apostol: I think Edwards will do wonders next season.

Happy 21st to the Fire btw.

James Bridget: Yeah, Edwards has sneakily become like the best signing of the year. Katai has had a bigger overall impact but expectations for Edwards were way lower.

Ruben: Should we do a “rank the signings?” It feels bad. It all feels bad.

James Bridget: Maybe after the season is over. The feelings are bad but the content... the content is very good.

Anyway, was there anything the Fire could’ve done differently against DCU? Or was it pretty much always going to end this way?

Ruben: I think it was always going to end that way. DC was on the front foot the whole game, and it wasn’t just Rooney. Hamid and Arriola we’re really good as well.

Adnan: They got the bounces and the calls on the day that they needed as well. They’re on such a roll that the Fire would have to play like last year’s team to have any chance. And that wasn’t going to happen due to the lack of motivation.

James Bridget: Word.

So we’re not back at it for two weeks. How are y’all spending your bye week?

Ruben: Magic and video games. Probably work. The Bears. There’s a lot of stuff to do.

Adnan: So much FIFA 19. And the occasional essay/paper for school. But mostly FIFA 19.

Ruben: I want to finish Witcher 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn.

RJ: Watching Bundesliga, j-league, playing im@s, fm18, working, and looking for new jobs.

James Bridget: I have a chess tournament on Saturday but other than that I’m mostly just catching up on sleep. And Doctor Who!

Adnan: Underwater chess or chess boxing?

James Bridget: I would die in either of those sports.

Adnan: As would I to be fair.

RJ: I wonder who on the Fire squad is good at chess.

James Bridget: one hand I really want to know that too, but OTOH I’m afraid if I do know I’m just going to @ them on Twitter all the time demanding a game.

Play The Scandinavian Against Me U Coward

Ruben: Kind of surprised they haven’t done a Fortnite thing for YouTube content.

James Bridget: So many opportunities for Good Content going unrealized. Not surprising, given the state of the club.

RJ: Chess master Paunovic and elite streamer Daniel Johnson.