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NWSL And NWSLPA Announce Voluntary Recognition Agreement

NWSL officially recognizes NWSL Player Association

Photo provided by Chicago Red Stars

NWSL announced today that it will officially recognize the NWSL Players Association as the exclusive bargaining representative of the NWSL Players.

Founded back in May 2017, the NWSLPA was launched to help represent the NWSL players who are employed by and sign Standard Player Agreements with NWSL. It serves to represent the best interests of the leagues players.

Per a league news release, NWSL Managing Director Amanda Duffy spoke about working with the NWSLPA.

“Our decision to voluntarily recognize the NWSL Players Association as the official representative of NWSL players marks and important step in the continued growth and development of the league and our relationship with our players. We look forward to collaborating with the Players Association as the league continues to mature, to benefit the players, teams, our partners and our fans.”

Players under contract with U.S. Soccer Federation (i.e. allocated players) will continue to be represented bu the U.S. Women’s National Team Players Association (USWNTPA) with respect to their employer, the U.S. Soccer Federation. The NWSLPA has also enjoyed strategic support from the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA).

The Players Association is led by President Yael Averbuch, Vice President McCall Zerboni, Treasurer Emily Menges, and Secretary Nicole Barnhart, and 32 Player Representative across nine teams of NWSL.

“We’ve now achieved official status as a labor union, but we intend to approach our relationship with the league in a ver different way than what comes to mind with traditional labor relations,” said NWSLPA President Yael Averbuch. “The NWSLPA is glad to continue a collaborative relationship with the league, with the health and sustainability of the League central to the ongoing relationship.”

Player reps have rotated from year to year, with teams selecting two reps and one alternate. Katie Naughton, Yuki Nagasato, and Brooke Elby were selected as Chicago Red Stars Player Representatives for 2018.