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Valentine’s Day: Chicago Soccer Edition

Some high-quality soccergrams from the Fire and Red Stars

Photo via Chicago Fire

Valentine’s Day. That day where we, as a society, reaffirm our collective over-investment in cisheteronormative romantic love. We spend way too much money on flowers and chocolate and jewelry from conflict zones, make servers miserable on one of the restaurant industry’s busiest days of the year, and generally sublimate our sentimental tendencies to spurious, performative consumerism.

And for brand managers and social media producers, it’s a day you ignore at your peril.

With that in mind, here’s how Chicago Soccer celebrated Valentine’s Day.

The Chicago Fire went all in with a collection of corny soccergrams and a delightfully awkward video with several players.

The Fire also posted some free-to-use stock images of squad members for fans to make their own Valentines. Section 8 took the ball and ran with it.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Red Stars went all Weird Twitter with their VD posts.

They also posted a pic of the office pupper, which I for one definitely appreciated.

And finally, Chicago Local 134 used the occasion to demand answers for a question we’ve been asking for months.

Any time the NWSL choo-choo-chooses the release the schedule would be SUPER GREAT, thanks in advance.

Anyway, HVD y’all! And don’t forget: chocolate is going to be cheap as heck at Walgreens tomorrow.