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Watch: A Unique View Of Fire Preseason Training Through The Magic Of Drones

It’s the internet content you didn’t know you needed!

Drones! They’re a big deal now! Once the province of militaries and clandestine organizations, now every can use them! For whatever reason! They can record fireworks from above! They can deliver your pizza! They can even be used for terrible, terrible revenge!

Anyway, I don’t want to drone on about this newfangled technology. (Eh? Get it? Drone? Eh? Whatever, my mom thinks I’m funny.) Someone on the communications staff for the Chicago Fire got their hands on a drone and decided to take it to preseason training. The video shows you about a minute’s worth of footage this flying death robot took of the Men In Red being put through their paces. If you ever wanted to see what Pauno’s hair looked like from above, then babe, this is your moment.

Obviously the next step is Fire players trying to hit the drone in flight with a free kick. That’s the content I’m waiting for.