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Friday Mailbag & Open Thread: Don’t Let Your Signings Be Pinings

Plus: please be okay, Matt Polster

MLS: Eastern Conference Knockout Round-New York Red Bulls at Chicago Fire Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go! Week 3 of the mailbag is here. You can ask us questions on Twitter using the hashtag #AskHotTime or in the comments below.

Now let’s get started!

I don’t really have a guess, if I’m being honest. The rumor well is rather dry at the moment, However, an interesting idea is Arjen Robbin. His contract is up at Bayern after this season, and he’s considering China and MLS as options. The Fire resigning Bastian Schweinsteiger and having him help in the deal much like NBA stars recruit free agents could potentially swing him toward Chicago. He also fits all the characteristics of the rumors out there. However, this is just fantasy land, and I doubt that’s the actual name on the list.

There’s another interesting name that was brought up, however...

Yes. Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. Even if he’s past his prime and totally couldn’t do it anymore. (he totally can) This would probably the greatest signing in Fire history, with apologies to Hristo Stoichkov. Also just think about his impact in training with the young kids like Mihailovic and Daniel Johnson. The things he could teach them....... It’s not happening.

First of all, knees are tricky things. Some days you feel 100% and feel like you can go forever, and others you feel like the world is ending and want to just eat ice cream in bed all day and watch the Overwatch League. But they did address it in the off-season. They went and traded for Rafael Ramos from Orlando City to fight for the starting spot, and as insurance for just this situation. I’m not at all worried about the right back situation. There’s much more about this roster to be worried about, frankly.

I’m going to work under the assumption you think the two Ws are going to be Columbus and Minnesota, and the L’s against SKC and Portland. As to it’s accuracy, The real answer is “It’s sports, who the hell knows.” But I don’t particularly like SKC as a team. Portland can be the best team in the West if they want to, but sometimes they don’t want to. C-bus is an off the field mess, but we don’t know if that will affect them on the field, where I still think they are very good, and Minnesota is meh, and I think they’re really the only team that the Fire are a stone cold favorite against. The other games are toss ups. The answer to the second question is, “Don’t look at the table until June.”