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The 2018 Chicago Fire Season, As Predicted By Football Manager 18

We simulated the upcoming season in FM18. The results were... not great.

For some, Football Manager is a glorified excel spreadsheet and for others, it’s a way of life. However as of late, the game is beginning to gain some serious traction in real life. Some clubs are using the game to scout out future superstars and some news outlets are using the game to predict league results. So, let’s have some fun ourselves and use Football Manager 2018 to predict the upcoming season for the Chicago Fire.

For this simulation, the squad will include potential signings such as Josh Gatt and Alan Gordonsadly.

Simming the game all the way to the start of the World Cup break and it seems like the Fire were throwing up an homage to the 2015 season. The club was in 9th place above D.C. United and Columbus Crew.

New signing Aleksandar Katai was proving his worth to the club however. He was leading the scorer for the club …. at two goals. Matt Polster and Rodrigo Ramos were out for three months due to injuries. As for Gordon? Well he’s rotting on the bench.

With the season down the gutter, you might think that the club as at least is performing somewhat decent on the US Cup side right?

Well lol nope.

The Fire lost to USL side Louisville City 1-2 in the fifth round.

Meanwhile Atlanta United and Sporting Kansas City were tearing their respective divisions apart with latter earning the Supporters Shield.

At the end of the season, the club eventually finished 9th in the Eastern Conference and 16th overall. Michael De Leeuw overtook Katai as the club’s top scorer – at six goals. For comparison, Nemanja Nikolic had three goals.

Elsewhere Atlanta United was crowned champions, but hey, at least the Fire finished above the Crew.

Despite being a video game it shows a bleak possible reality for the Men in Red. During the sim, the squad the stretched to the max with no suitable backups. Heck, the real-life roster right now is already showing some cracks. With De Leeuw, Luis Solgniac, Djorde Mihalovic all out for the time being and with Polster’s questionable health, the Fire would probably bow down to the likes of a USL team.

There’s 13 days left until the home opener and still time to fix up the squad, but unless N-Rod springs out some last moment magic, if the real world will be anything like FM18 – football isn’t coming home.