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The Fire’s 2018 Home Kit Is Out

And it looks pretty decent!

Photo via Chicago Fire

Last week we passed along a leaked pic of the Chicago Fire’s 2018 home jersey.

Today we get to see the real thing.

The red in the shirt is a classic crimson, rather than the tomato soup hue as shown in the leaked pic from last week. The stripe is also closer to a traditional white, as opposed to the “Amish Linen” or “Safari Bisque” tones suggested in the leak.

Other highlights of the shirt include:

  • A jocktag honoring the 20th anniversary of the inaugural 1998 season, in which the Fire won both the MLS Cup and the US Open Cup.
  • Four six-pointed stars on the back near the neckline, evoking the same stars on the Chicago municipal flag. The second star features distinctive shading, a call-back to the second star on the flag symbolizing the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.
  • Blue stripes on the shoulder (something which is already proving controversial in some corners of Fire fandom).
  • Names, numbers, and trim are in white.

There you have it! We know what the team threads will look like for 2018. (For home games, at any rate.)