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Watch: The Chicago Fire’s New Pregame Hype Video For 2018

7/10, would get hyped

I gotta level with you: I love pregame hype videos.

The Bulls in particular have had some great hype videos over the years. The Cubs have upped their game since they Got Good (that stupid Imagine Dragons song notwithstanding). Even the Blackhawks have minted some classics in recent years. I’m here for all of this, tbh.

The Chicago Fire debuted their new pregame hype video on Saturday ahead of kickoff in their season premiere against Sporting Kansas City. It’s pretty solid.

The cuts from the 1998 Double-winning team to Bastian Schweinsteiger warming up was a nice touch. As was the floating stats texts beside him and Nemanja Nikolic.

The video loses points— in admittedly hilarious fashion— by spotlighting a Fire player in goal but without showing his face. This serves to inadvertently draw attention to the team’s weakness at that particular position.

Still, good ideas at work here and a solid enough execution. 7/10.