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MLS: Real Salt Lake at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

A little over a month ago we put out a call for new contributors. The response was, I don’t mind telling you, a bit overwhelming. Not only did we add to the staff here at Hot Time, we’re also in a position to expand our work. We have photographers, we have video producers, we have dedicated social media wizards, all adding to a talented and promising new crop of writers. These new prospects will join a core staff of veterans to deliver peerless coverage of the Chicago Fire and the Chicago Red Stars in 2018.

We also bid adieu to some regulars from 2017; some to pursue exciting new opportunities in sports journalism, some to get down to business in their academic career, and some to focus on other important parts of their lives. We’re grateful for their work and their camaraderie, and wish them all the best. And who knows— maybe we’ll see a one or two familiar names on Hot Time bylines again in the future.

We’re still open to new writers, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to reach out. But for now, here is the teamsheet for the 2018 season at Hot Time In Old Town.

Adnan (Fire)

Journalism Major at Roosevelt University. Season ticket holder since 2016. Comedic relief. #YAMsquad

Adriana (Social Media)

Born and raised in Southern California, the youngest (but wiser) of two kids. Graduate of San Diego State with a Media Studies Bachelor’s degree and CSU Northridge with a Masters in Music Industry Administration. Sports and Music fanatic. I follow a lot of sports but pay particular attention to many women’s sports including the NWSL, WNBA, NCAA WBB, and Softball. Catch me daily sharing my (sometimes not asked for) opinions on Twitter.

Claire (Red Stars)

Grew up in rural Ohio, made it to Chicago, ended up deeply Midwestern. DePaul grad in Performing Arts Management and a Masters in Violin Performance, which has naturally translated into writing primarily about soccer. Always working on new music (put out a pretty cool record last year) and spend most of my non-soccer time enjoying many different varieties of pop culture minutiae.

Moe (Video + Special Projects)

I’ve been a Fire fan since I was born (literally, I was born in 1998). Freshman at DePaul University, majoring in Broadcast Journalism.

Richard (Matchday Photography)

Born in Detroit, Michigan, spent some time in California, and ended up settling down in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I’ve spent the last several years as a professional sports photographer shooting with the Chicago Red Stars, U.S. Soccer and NCAA D1.

RJ (Fire)

Graduating this May with a BA in Journalism from Columbia College Chicago, woo! Prior to Columbia, I attended Harper College back in Palatine, IL. Apart from soccer, I also enjoy baseball. Outside of sports, I enjoy rhythm games and taking pictures next to cardboard cutouts.

Saul (Fire)

Proud Mexican-American. A senior in college and one who comes with all the soccer knowledge of a student who watches way too many soccer games. I also like basketball and professional wrestling. Lastly, my twitter game is “fire emoji” so check it out!

Ruben (Fire)

You all know me. I’ve been here since 2011. I’ve covered both the Fire and Red Stars in my time here, and will watch any soccer game that gets put in front of me…. Except for Sunderland games. Ew. I also love the NBA, Magic the Gathering, and Video Games. I do the friday mailbag, so give me your questions. Also watch the Overwatch League #MVPFleta pogChamp pogChamp Kappa. Go Sox.

Sandra (Red Stars Editor)

Chicago Red Stars Editor. Latinx. Unapologetically South Side. I love my Ma.

James Bridget (Managing Editor)

Sporpswriter. Art school refugee. Super Gay. Extremely Online. I work for Howler Magazine and I’ve been published a bunch of other places. I like books and puppies and baseball and chess and the Mountain Goats. I have a lot of feelings about Star Trek. They/Them or She/Her.

Sean (Pirate King)

Head thing at Hot Time. Gifted with polemic and the weird. Husband to Sarah. Socialist. Server. Probably listening to Radiohead and thinking gloomy thoughts about end-stage capitalism. Detroit City ‘til I die.