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Watch: Sam Kerr Sets A New Goalscoring Record For Australia

The inbound Red Stars signing hit a huge milestone

The Chicago Red Stars’ biggest offseason signing made history this week.

Sam Kerr is with the Australian national team in Portugal for the 2018 Algarve Cup. They played their first game on Wednesday, a group stage fixture against Norway.

After going down a goal early, Australia hit back fast and hard to take the lead. And just past the half-hour mark, Kerr hit the goal shown above to make it 3-1 in favor of the Matildas.

That goal also made it the seventh consecutive international match Kerr has scored in, setting a new record for Australia. The record was previously six consecutive games, held by Sarah Walsh.

Kerr has now scored 12 goals in her last seven appearances for Australia. She’ll try to make it eight in a row later today when Australia face their hosts Portugal.

Meanwhile, Kerr should be done in time to link up with her new club team at the Portland Invitational, which kicks off on March 11th.