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MLS Weekend Hatewatch Week 4: Dare To Whatever

Half the games, double the misery

MLS: New York City FC at New England Revolution Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t really care about whether MLS plays over the summer vs the “traditional” fall-spring swing. I just wish they’d observe international breaks. OR, that they’d go all in an have a full schedule. Having a matchweek during an international break but only having like half a dozen games is stupid and a waste of everyone’s time.

Whatever, let’s kick this pig.

New England Revolution 2-2 New York City FC

The game was pretty meh, but I wanted to mention it because Ismael Tajouri is turning out to be the real deal. This weekend was the second game in which he had to fill in for David Villa and he’s posted three goals. Not bad. Wouldn’t mind seeing him in Fire Red someday.

Oh and I’m just going to put this right here:

Columbus Crew 3-1 DC United

As much as I hate seeing Columbus win, I do love seeing DCU lose.

Also the announced attendance was only 8,443. Given some of Anthony Precourt’s recent shenanigans vis a vis attendance, I’m putting on my big floppy skepticism hat for this.

New York Red Bulls 3-0 Minnesota United

Ahhh, that’s the MLS-era Minnesota we know and love.

If nothing else, watch the highlights for BWP’s first goal right before halftime. It’s really something.

FC Dallas 1-1 Portland Timbers

Speaking of amazing goals, Sebastian Blanco’s goal early in the second half was incredible. The Fire are going to have their hands full with him next week. I’m honestly not sure they can handle it.

Also of note: Giovanni Savarese benched Liam Ridgewell for this game and it may or may not be permanent. Hey, uh, Portland, if you don’t want him anymore I’m sure we could find room for him here. Just let us know, yeah? You’re coming here on Saturday, it’d be super easy to just drop him off. He’ll love it here, honest.

Vancouver Whitecaps 0-0 LA Galaxy

It’s tempting to look at this game and go “lol galaxy.” And hey, I’m right there with you buddy.

But consider this: the Galaxy only named 17 players to the teamsheet. That included three goalkeepers. And no one in that team looked like a difference maker. So, I mean, getting a point and a clean sheet on the road while fielding a practice squad— and not even a complete practice squad!— sounds like a pretty solid result. I can’t really fault them here.

Also, they’ve got Zlatan now. So.