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Remembering Bill Dolehide

The local youth soccer organizer died earlier this month

Photo via GoFundMe

Bill Dolehide spent the better part of two decades organizing youth club soccer in the southwest suburbs. As Vice President of Crestwood Soccer Club, he helped lead an active organization that served hundreds of kids age 5-13 every year and provided resources and support to local coaches. He also helped build and maintain a relationship between CSC and the Chicago Fire, offering more opportunities and resources to local youth players.

In addition to his work in soccer, Bill also volunteered in various community initiatives and was active in his church. He was by all accounts a devoted husband and father, a good neighbor, a loyal friend, and a man who was generous with his time and eager to help others wherever he could.

Bill died earlier this month, falling victim to a rising epidemic of gun violence. He’s survived by his wife Terri and his children Shannon, Logan and Morgan.

The family has started a crowdfunding page to defray the costs of Bill’s funeral and help with his children’s education. If you have a couple bucks to spare, please consider helping out.