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Friday Mailbag & Open Thread: Bye Bye Birdie

We discuss scheduling, realistic expectations, positional nitpicking, and more

MLS: Chicago Fire at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Doubleheader Friday! It’s time for this week’s mailbag! You can use the #AskHotTime hashtag on Twitter to ask us (and me) anything. Let’s get into it.

I think it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Something has to be done about that sieve of a defense. However, it has the possibility of backfiring. One more defender means one more head to communicate with, and communication is really their big problem. I’d probably stick with a back four, as that’s what they’ve been working towards all preseason and through their first two matches. I’d probably start Lillard over Dean, if both are available, as we haven’t seen him in a proper game, and I’d like to get a look.

The Fire have had two bye weeks because the first one was unplanned. They were supposed to play Colorado on opening day, but the game was postponed at the behest of the Rapids, who wanted to be fully prepared for their Champions League tie.... I mean, practice game against TFC midweek. (It didn’t help). The second bye was always planned, and for two reasons, MLS had a lighter schedule overall last week because of the international break (they should have had either everyone play or no one play, stop half assing FIFA dates, MLS) and because there’s an odd number of teams in the league, so someone has to sit out every week.

It should be Ramos. He’s the best option of the three as far as talent goes, and this is exactly why you traded for him in the first place.

The next 10 games are as follows: Portland tomorrow and then the Crew at home. The Galaxy, NYRB, TFC, Atlanta, MTL, The Crew in C-Bus, And Houston and Orlando to finish out May. Woof. The ones that should be wins are Houston, Orlando, and Montreal. So that’s 9. They’re not beating TFC. and I’d put the match against C-Bus in Ohio as an L as well. The Galaxy could be tough if they can figure out how to play together with Zlatan, but they can’t play well without him, so that one is a toss up. Atlanta is tough, but the Fire can beat them, we saw it last year, and the Crew at home could be winnable as well. I also think they’re going to beat Portland tomorrow. In order, I think it goes like this: W-D-D-L-L-L-W-L-W-W. Assuming nothing changes, it’s 14 points. If they manage to steal some points somewhere, Say, turn a draw into a win and a loss into a draw, that would be nice.

What are you talking about? He’s #14! In all seriousness, He’s a 10. I want him play making closer to goal, and I think eventually he’ll be able to conduct the orchestra the way (I) wanted Harry Shipp to be able to. Plus, I want him to try stuff on the pitch, and that comes with losing possession sometimes. And it’s better to lose it in the final third rather then midfield.

MdL on the right side instead of Solignac, Niko up top, Katai on the left, and Hatim Ben Arfa (or whoever they sign, or Djordje) underneath him.