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Colaprico: “Our thing this year is trusting the process and that’s what we’re going to do”

The Red Stars midfielder reflects on the 3-2 loss to Portland

Photo via Danielle Colaprico/Twitter

Following tonight’s 3-2 loss to the Portland Thorns, Chicago Red Stars midfielder Danielle Colaprico spoke to reporters to reflect on the game and the result. Here’s a smattering of quotes:

On tonight’s loss: “We improved a lot from last week, last week was a bit of a disappointment for us. We wanted to correct some things on the ball, just our technical ability and our confidence in each other and ourselves. I think that showed a lot tonight but it’s disappointing to come away with a loss. Our thing this year is trusting the process and that’s what we’re going to do. We’re focusing on Utah in two weeks and that’s where we’re at.

On the handball that conceded a penalty to Portland: “Yeah, it was a handball. I take full responsibility for that. Stuff like that happens, it’s never happened to me before but there’s a first time for everything. The best you can do is try to get it back and unfortunately we didn’t. I didn’t even mean to hit it, I got bumped and my hand flew forward and hit the ball so it kinda did look like it hit the ball. I would never intentionally whack the ball in the box, I think I’m smarter than that, but it’s unfortunate that it happens.”

On free kick routines: “It’s a work in progress. Last week was a bit of a mess but we talked it over this week in practice and it was a lot better this week. We’ll pull out some tricks soon.”

You can listen to the full audio here.