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Some Possible Alternatives To Fire TV Coverage

How can we follow games from home if they’re not on local TV? Let’s brainstorm some ideas

Exeter City v West Bromwich Albion - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

We’re two days out from the Chicago Fire’s first game of the 2018 MLS season. At press time, there has been no announcement on a local TV deal.

There are only two real options here. Either:

  • The Fire have a deal in place but because of [insert inexplicable bullshit reason here] they haven’t been able to announce it. Or,
  • There is no deal in place and Fire games will not be shown on local TV this season, a la the Blackhawks in the 1990s.

This obviously leaves people who can’t attend games in a potentially awkward position. But we Chicagoans are an industrious bunch, and there’s no problem too great to tackle.

Here are some ideas for how fans can enjoy Fire games remotely.

Pirate Radio

There’s a few different ways an enterprising fan could put this together. There’s using a HAM radio to broadcast on the Citizen’s Band. There’s numerous services for live streaming audio. And building an FM transmitter isn’t that expensive or difficult.

I’m just saying, Radio Free Fires could be big.

Homing Pigeons

This would take a significant investment. Someone would have to learn how to train pigeons, then cultivate a flock, house and feed them, and then coordinate message relays with fans. It almost certainly wouldn’t be ready before the SKC game. But as a potential long-term plan, it could pay dividends.

People win wars with these guys. It’s worth looking into.

Those Old-School Electric Baseball Bulletins

This is how people followed baseball games before TV and radio. If it was good enough for yer great grandpappy, it’s good enough for you too.

An Elaborate Beacon System

If nothing else, this would be really fucking cool.

Follow The #CF97 Tag On Twitter

... ugh, pass.

Barring an announcement today or tomorrow, be sure to follow HTIOT’s ongoing game coverage of the Fire’s season opener against SKC this weekend.