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Chicago Soccer Community Corner: Local 134 Utah Watch Party

Come hang out with us at AJ Hudson’s!

Photo via Chicago Local 134

It can be hard to follow your chosen NWSL team when they’re playing halfway across the country, but this week is an exception for Chicago fans as the Red Stars make their first appearance on Lifetime’s Game of the Week for 2018! It will also be the first home match for the new Utah Royals club (and if we have any say in the matter, their first loss as well).

This Saturday you can find us at our home bar, A.J. Hudson’s Public House, at 2:30pm. Join us to gear up for a big week of games - three in eight days! Chicago Local 134 watch parties have been growing for a few years now, so get there early. Head to the side room and you’ll be instantly among your people.

Our watch parties are open to everyone so don’t be afraid to join us and make some new friends. You might end up at a table talking intense strategy, sit with a group of new fans, or even spot a Red Stars jersey that predates the NWSL! And if you’re very lucky and find the right people, you’ll find yourself celebrating CRS goals with delicious tequila shots.

Meet us at A.J.’s, you won’t regret it!