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Ruben’s Odds & Ends: Failure Is Always An Option

Ruben sounds off on the week’s happenings and looks ahead to tomorrow’s clash with the Galaxy

MLS: LA Galaxy at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Introducing Odds and Ends: Where I talk about things I have opinions on that probably aren’t enough substance to warrant their own article.

On ESPN+ and the Fire broadcast this week

I love what I’ve seen so far from it’s launch. The filters and menus are intuitive and it’s easy to find stuff you want.

And if you notice, the Fire are not on there tomorrow. That’s because the Fire and Galaxy are the MLS Univision Deportes game of the week. Nationally televised games won’t be part of ESPN+ so all the old rules apply for those. Locally, the game is not on UniMas or Univision proper either. However, If you didn’t get a ticket to the sold out match, the game is being broadcast on Twitter. Yes, if you haven’t heard, MLS, and Univision are broadcasting thier games in English over the social media platform much in the same way that they broadcast them on Twitter. They’ve been doing it all year, and whenever I’ve watched games, it’s worked fine. The link for the game is here.

On Failure

I’ve been failing a lot recently (granted, on nothing important, like school work) But none the less, I’ve failed a lot. Failure is easy. Take cooking pork for example, you screw and overcook it, it’s rubbery and dry and miserable to eat. Under-cook it, you’re going to spend hours in the bathroom.

It’s also easy to turn your head to watch the ball just enough to create a blind spot that can be exploited by an attacker. It’s easy to not close out a defender because you think that you’ve closed out enough, then he passes it over your head and the ball ends up in the back of the net. Success on the other hand is hard. Success involves poise, and concentration and focus. Unfortunately the Fire are bad at all the things you need to be successful at. They’re concentration at times is lacking, they can lose focus, and as for poise, lets just say that they panic. You can have all the talent in the world, but without those things, you will fail

On the LA Galaxy and a Match Prediction

The LA Galaxy are in a strange place. After making a signing that seems seemingly unfair, and probably is unfair in Zlatan Ibrahimovic at a TAM level. And a thriller of a comeback victory in The Traffico, They came back to earth in a 2-0 loss to a Sporting Kansas City club that for some unknown reason play actually visually pleasing soccer.

This weird two weeks in La La Land has me feeling dubious about the success of our local 11 tomorrow. Karmac Justice would dictate Zlatan doesn’t travel, and the Fire lose anyway, or Zlatan plays, and Ashley Cole gets sent off within 10 minutes and the Fire blow LA out. Unfortunately, Zlatan will be here, and The Fire won’t have enough possession to pressure Ashley Cole into being Ashley Cole. LA 3 Fire 1.