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Chicago Soccer Community Corner: North Lot Adventures With Local 134

What does gameday look like with L134? We’re glad you asked!

Photo via Chicago Local 134

Now that we’re on track for our first regular home game of the year with no doubleheader and not scheduled midweek, it’s time to talk about the game day experience you can have when you hang with Local 134!

For us, game day starts early, in the North Lot of Toyota Park. We’re extending our tailgates this year so you can find us there starting three hours before kickoff. We ask for volunteers bring food for everyone each week and then we reimburse them. If you’re interested in helping, get in touch! Tailgate food is free for members and their guests. If you’re not a member, you can still come and eat, but consider pitching in some food or drink.

When the tailgate ends, we encourage you to join us in the Harlem End, Section 118, to stand and loudly support the team. It’s a general admission area so even if you have an assigned seat you can come to our section. We’ll be standing the whole game and yelling and chanting – join in!

We have many of our songs and chants listed here. You’ll notice that one person will be leading the cheers with a megaphone - that’s usually our leader Maggie. Watch for her to start new chants and join in! We’re always looking for new ones so don’t be afraid to share your ideas so we can generate new chants.

Do you have a great idea for a sign or banner for our section? Make it! Just make sure you follow the rules of Toyota Park. You can find them on this page in the section titled Banners, Flags, and Signs. We all love to heckle, just keep it clean.

We aim to be a very welcoming group and we’re always interested in boosting our support with more people. Join us anytime!