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Friday Mailbag & Open Thread: Selection Headaches

Ruben is back to chat about Kevin Ellis, Fernando Torres, and the management changeover at Hot Time

MLS: Montreal Impact at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

After a week absence for finals (yes, I passed and am now a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, go me), we’re back with the Friday Mailbag. and then a personal note about the change in EIC. Remember you can ask us/me questions at @HotTimeOldTown. Please try to use the hashtag #AskHotTime, so I don’t miss your questions.

Fernando Torres is the hot debate among Fire fandom for what seems like the last two weeks. And I see both the pros and cons of him coming here. He is undoubtedly a name signing. Casuals will remember him from his time with Spain and Liverpool. And his return to Athletico Madrid where his career began was successful, with him scoring big goals against big teams while playing behind Antoine Griezmann and Mario Mandzukic (before he left for Juventus). To answer your questions, As Far as Drogba and Villa are concerned, for name value, yes absolutely he’s on the same level as Drogba and Villa are. The barometer is my dad, who is a super casual who will watch games if I’m watching. He knows who Torres is. Statistics wise, No probably not. I’d much rather have had Villa or Drogba when they came over then Torres when he will. To be honest, I’m still holding out hope for Iniesta, which would be the ultimate.

As for what he does, basically he makes it so Collier and Gordon don’t start anymore. That by itself make the Fire a better team. He has more technical ability and poise then either of them, and it ads another dangerous element to the attack alongside Niko. Honestly, that alone makes me want to have this deal happen. Just get someone more dangerous then a bag of feathers up top with Nikolic and I’ll be happy. The defense seems to be improving week to week, and Mo Adams is a revelation. It’s time to score some goals people.

Polster should get plugged right back in the XI. As good as Ellis has been, Polster is a better right back then Ellis is, and that’s really all there is to it. An interesting thought is to just play both of them where ohen one goes forward the other slots back in a defensive position, which could be an interesting thing, tactically, but without playing a weird tactic, Polster is just better.

By “we”, I’m assuming you mean the Fire, and a lot. Seriously though, if this is the Fire’s last ever trip to Columbus Crew Stadium that sucks, and so do MLS and PSV. (An aside: Every time I hear Precourt Sports Ventures referred to as PSV, I think “When did PSV Eindhoven by the Crew from Precourt and why are they so insistent on moving to Austin?”)

I’ve been a part of the Hot Time for a better part of a decade. First as a commenter starting in 2009 to officially joining the staff in 2011. And Sean Spence is probably the best EIC we’ve ever had (with apologies to Tweed Thornton, who hired me). He let me contribute on the site when I could, and when I started my radio thing in 2012, was supportive in the utmost when I stopped writing to do do that. He let me have the keys to the Twitter account on game days, my favorite part of this whole deal, interacting with you for every Logan Pause goal, Dominic Oduro offside, and Gaston Purrari shot off the cross bar. I’m going to miss Sean. We’re all going to miss Sean here. Good Luck at Detroit City, godspeed.

P.S. Columbus is a Suburb of Detroit. :P