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The Fire Should Stop Pursuit of Fernando Torres

A new MLS means a new type of player and Torres is not that

Atletico Madrid v Levante - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

We have all heard the rumors and rumblings about Fernando Torres over the last couple weeks. The time for the Chicago Fire to make a decision is drawing closer.

We’ve learned from Paul Tenorio that the Fire do have his discovery rights here at MLS. We learned that they are not the only team after him. Then, we learned Torres himself prefers a to play in a warmer climate team, signalling that the Houston Dynamo may have the edge.

Another striker would’nt hurt. But with 2017 MLS Golden Boot winner Nemanja Nikolic still in the squad, other areas of the pitch need to be addressed.

Quite frankly, I don’t get it. It seems no progress is being made and the Fire would be better off calling off their pursuit. I don’t think he’s worth it. Money can be best spent elsewhere, especially at Torres’ asking price of $4 million. (Which reminds me, why the hell did the Fire trade David Accam?)

The Fire need to cut bait and trade the discovery rights and pursue other options, most likely after the World Cup.

Call me an optimist, but with some of the extra MLS funny money from a Torres Discovery rights trade, the Fire can sign a Designated Player level player and possibly buy him down out of DP range and sign another proper Designated Player. Chicago does have some wiggle room in their salary budget.

That’s what fans should want and ask for, since the Fire are at best one great player away from being a true contender. But don’t hold your breath.