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Chicago Red Stars 0, Orlando Pride 2: First Thoughts

Chicago takes the L in a dismal midweek stinker

Photo via Chicago Red Stars

Chicago Red Stars 0

Orlando Pride 2 Ubogagu 28’, Hill 81’

  • Lineups are here!
  • Pregame thought 1: Julie Ertz is out, but we knew that already. Sam Kerr starts up top with Alyssa Mautz and NWSL Player Of The Month Sofia Huerta on her flanks. Yuki Nagasato on the bench. I... yeah, ok, this is fine.
  • Pregame thought 2: Also, Alex Morgan is on the bench for Orlando. But they’re starting Marta + Leroux + Ubogagu up top, so the Red Stars can’t waltz through this game.
  • Pregame thought 3: Kickoff was scheduled for 6:30. The Red Stars tweeted their lineup at 6:32. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Pregame thought 4: One of my favorite things about the Red Stars is that, to the best of my knowledge, no one on this roster has ever called an opponent “f*ggot” in the middle of a game. Already doing one better than the other team that plays at Toyota Park.
  • Let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • 6’ Not a whooooooole lot going on so far. Both teams have had a FK but were poorly taken. Orlando looks a little more composed than Chicago does at the moment.
  • 10’ Red Stars get a good attack going that culminates from a long cross by Mautz and is.... lost.
  • 12’ Sometimes I have to just stop and remind myself that Sam Kerr plays for Chicago now. It’s a nice feeling, my friends. (Tonight’s her home debut!)
  • 17’ There have been a few free kicks tonight and they’ve all been very bad. #analysis
  • 19’ Important update:
  • 20’ Pickett gets the ball in the box off of an Orlando corner kick and takes a shot, but it sails over the bar and smacks the Harlem End capo stand.
  • 25’ Orlando building up some pressure. As is these ominous storm clouds looming over Toyota Park.
  • 28’ GOAL Yeah, this has been coming. Orlando hit us on a counter and Ubogagu took a shot from the 18 yard line. The shot takes a reflection and sneaks past Naeher. CHI 0-1 ORL
  • 29’ The buildup to that included a very bad touch from Leroux that Ubogagu managed to make the best of and convert.
  • 35’ Orlando having it all their own way right now. Naeher not standing up to pressure as well as she usually does.
  • 40’ It’s not even halftime yet and Chicago already looks gassed. Kerr isolated up top and the rest of the team with no good answers for Orlando’s play.
  • 42’ Ugh. This is tough to watch.
  • 45’ lol
  • Halftime! CHI 0-1 ORL
  • Halftime thought 1: I was pretty confident heading into this game. This has... not gone as I had hoped.
  • Halftime thought 2: That said, we can still totally get something out of this. That’s what #ScamGang is all about.
  • Second half is underway!
  • 50’ STOPPAGE IN PLAY And the refs order everyone into the tunnel. First weather delay of the season! Woooo!
  • Wooooooo
  • Um.
  • 50’ And we’re back!
  • 52’ Sam Kerr doing Sam Kerr Things. Leads a threatening counterattack but her layoff is intercepted in the box.
  • 54’ Leroux hits back with a thundering charge all by her lonesome. Her shot from a tight angle wins a corner, which doesn’t quite work out.
  • 57’ Gilliland vs Krieger is developing into a legit rivalry and honestly? I’m here for it.
  • 62’ Ubogagu called offside while trying to spring a counter and had the saddest look on her face. Like, I feel for her, but also I revel in that disappointment.
  • 66’ Gorden finds space in the box and hits a low cross. Harris gets a hand and deflects it away from a black shirt, conceiving a corner but keeping her team ahead. (The corner comes to nothing.)
  • 70’ Chicago with the double sub: Vasconcelos and Kaskie in for Gilliland and Mautz.
  • 73’ Neither team has played particularly well tonight. It’s just Orlando got the goal and Chicago hasn’t. (Yet.)
  • 78’ Chicago just have nothing in the tank right now. How on earth are they going to be up for North Carolina on Sunday?
  • 81’ GOAL Oof. Naeher comes way off her line to intercept Hill, but she misses and Hill slots it home into an empty net. CHI 0-2 ORL
  • 83’ Naeher probably did as well as could be expected. The backline really let her down there.
  • 87’ Comeau picks up a yellow card. Orlando working to shut it down, Chicago just kind of... whatevering.
  • 90’ Chicago with their first promising attack in a long while and... it’s... dead. Two minutes of stoppage time.
  • Peep! Peep! Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Final Score: CHI 0-2
  • Final Whistle Thought: Bleh. Go home, everyone.

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