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Dreaming Is Free: A Money-Is-No-Object Fire Roster

Revitalizing the Fire’s transfer strategy through the power of Memes

Barcelona v Real Sociedad - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

If you crawl around the depths of social media you may of have seen the following;

“We need an attacking midfielder.”

“We’re lacking someone creative in the mids.”

“We should have never sold David Accam!”


(OK, maybe not the last one.)

It’s been beaten to death, but the point still stands that the club really needs someone in the midfield. The fans know it and the club knows it. But to the latter’s credit, at least they tried fixing the situation. They’ve tried to lure in Juan Quintero and Lee Nguyen, but the MLS Gods haven’t been kind to the club.

So, who should the Fire get? MLS Funny Money can only get you so far, but dreaming is free, so let’s dream together with who could make light up the spark in the midfield.

Andres Iniesta

Despite signing a lifetime contract and serving the club for 22 years, Iniesta left Barcelona for greener pastures… quite literally, he wants to expand his wine business. There are rumors that he is off to China. There are other rumors that he is going to Japan. Recently, there were more rumors that he is going to be a player-coach over at Manchester City. We don’t know where he is going, and there is even a possibility that he Iniesta doesn’t know where he really wants to end up at. But wouldn’t it be cool to see him in the red-and-white? He is quintessentially the perfect midfielder. He protec, he attac, but most important, he creat.

The potential downside to Iniesta for the Fire and MLS is that he might not be able to fully adapt over here such as his Italian counterpart, Andrea Pirlo.

But if it all boils down his winery, I hear there is some prime real estate up in the Fox River Valley.

Keisuke Honda

Fun story: I was in Japan last week and I swung by one of the training grounds of Tokyo Verde. Coming back to my Airbnb later, my host said that Honda went over there to train. If I would of have stayed longer, maybe I could of have convinced him to join.

Anyway, JBG did a write-up on a potential Honda move. She noted Honda’s speed is perfect for MLS and would be versatile under Veljko Paunovic’s meme tactics. Honda is looking to leave Pachuca. If he isn’t going to the Australian A-Leauge like rumored, he would make a great playmaker for the Fire. If you’re reading this Honda and if you do come play for the Fire, I can point you out to some great Japanese food joints here in Chicagoland to make you feel right at home.

Wayne Rooney

Despite having one-year left on his Everton contract, Rooney is rumored to heading to the MLS – particularly D.C. United, but the Fire should look into him as well. Rooney is very versatile. He can be the creative force that the Fire needs in the midfield and he can be a back-up to Nemanja Nikolic.

Mario Balotelli

He may be another forward but under Pauno, positions don’t matter. Should the Fire sign Balotelli I wouldn’t be surprised to see him playing in the midfield for whatever reason, heck he could even be converted to a full-back! Like my colleague Saul Garcia once said, “[Balotelli] is a misunderstood genius,” and we have nothing to lose but everything to gain from a potential Balotelli move,

What ridiculous signing would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.