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Hot Time In Old Town’s Pride Month Fundraiser

Help us raise money for Center On Halsted!

We at Hot Time love Chicago Soccer. We love our teams, but more importantly, we love the community that’s grown up around them. The community includes many LGBTQ members who support the Chicago Fire and the Chicago Red Stars. As Pride Month approaches, we want to give back to those members of the Chicago Soccer family.

Hot Time In Old Town is holding a fundraising campaign for Pride Month. Starting this weekend and running through the end of June, we’re asking readers and fans to kick in at least $1 for every goal scored by the Fire and the Red Stars. Proceeds will go to Center On Halsted, the largest and most comprehensive LGBTQ community center in the midwest.

We’re pleased to announce that all per-goal donations will be matched by the Red Stars. If you’re contributing that way, your donation effectively counts for double. We have some more surprises planned with the Red Stars that we hope to announce in the coming weeks.

Below is an FAQ about our Pride Month Fundraiser. Click here to donate to the campaign. And be sure to spread the word on social media using the hashtag #HotTimePride.

Q: What are you raising money for?

A: Hot Time is raising money for Center On Halsted, the most comprehensive LGBTQ community center in the midwest.

Q: What does Center On Halsted do?

A: Center On Halsted connects people to health care services, social workers, housing and legal resources, and vocational training. They offer a wide range of community services and programming, from rapid HIV testing to support groups to recreational activities. They also serve as an incubator for smaller LGBT non-profit organizations.

Q: What if I can’t afford to donate?

A: While donations are definitely appreciated, you can also contribute to the campaign by spreading the word to friends, family, and on social media. Use the hashtag #HotTimePride when signal-boosting the fundraiser.

Q: Why should I donate?

A: We are striving to create a positive platform and inclusive fanbase in Chicago Soccer. Center on Halsted is a great organization that delivers material benefits for people in the community. This money will directly help them fund their organization and the important work they do.

Q: Do I have to donate for every goal?

A: Nope, PledgeIt allows you to donate flat amounts.

Q: If I donate for every goal, how much are we talking about?

A: In June 2017 the Fire scored nine goals (including a 4-0 win over Orlando City) while the Red Stars scored five. If both teams matched those numbers for the length of our campaign, a contributor who donated $1 per goal would end up donating $14. So, $10-20 would be a reasonably safe ballpark figure.

Q: Is HTIOT making any money?

A: No. Our fundraising platform,, keeps 12% of donations to continue operations. They’re also subtracting a small percentage for transaction fees— 2.9% plus $0.30 for every transaction. (These charges are spelled out on their website.) The rest will be going to Center On Halsted. No one at Hot Time In Old Town, SBNation, or Vox Media will be keeping any funds raised from this campaign.

Q: Can I just donate to Center On Halsted directly?

A: You sure can.

Q: Are either team involved with this campaign?

A: The Red Stars have generously offered to match all per-goal donations. The Fire are already partnered with You Can Play for their own Pride Month activities, but they’ve agreed to promote our campaign and support us however they can.

Q: How do I contribute?

A: By visiting our campaign page and clicking the Pledge Now button.