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Friday Mailbag & Open Thread: We Don’t Need No Allocation

Ruben discusses the Red Stars’ re-signing Morgan Brian and the #Free101 appeal

Soccer: International Friendly Women’s Soccer-Romania at USA Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the return of the mailbag! Every Friday barring big breaking news, we’re here to answer your questions. Drop us a line @HotTimeOldTown on Twitter with the hashtag #AskHotTime to get answers to all your burning questions! [Editor’s note: I’m really not sure whether Ruben intended that as a pun. Either way: boooo! -JBG]

To answer this question, I had to use one of my three available lifelines. I chose to phone a friend, so I ran down our virtual hallway to the Red Stars desk, where they have brunch parties and are generally a happier bunch then we are. (It helps to have a consistently good team, this season notwithstanding.) I got the attention of Claire Watkins and presented her with your query. Our conversation goeth thusly (paraphrased):

Me: Hey, I got a question for the mailbag about Morgan Brian. Is she an allocated player?

Claire: Nope. She signed a multiyear contract in France, so the USSF let her allocation status lapse. Because she came back early, the Red Stars are on the hook for her salary.

So yes, Morgan Brian is not an allocated player, and therefore, the Red Stars are on the hook for her salary. They had to clear some cap space, hence the reason for the blockbuster trade.

Sector Latino’s appeal is next Wednesday on the 27th. Between the blowback on the organization, plus, as far as I can tell, that it was clearly not a member of SL who set off the smoke device, plus the absolute failure of Monterrey security to control the situation, I would reverse the ban and reinstate SL.

That being said, I have really no idea what the Fire organization is going to do, or who is even presiding over the appeal. This FO is unpredictable like that, and I have no idea what the outcome is going to be. Let’s hope for the best, expect the worst, don’t be shocked by anything.