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Fire “Permanently Revoke” Sector Latino’s SG Privileges

The club finally rules on the #Free101 appeal

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today the Chicago Fire announced their decision on Sector Latino’s future standing with the club. In a press release published on the official website, the club denied Sector Latino’s appeal and ruled that their supporter group status has been pulled.

Recently, members of the supporter group Sector Latino Chicago committed repeated violations of this Code. Despite providing the group’s leadership with multiple opportunities to correct or eliminate such misbehavior, serious violations continued, including after being given a final warning.

Although not all members were involved, the number of violations by certain group members – including some of the group’s leadership and the unwillingness or inability of the leadership to prevent further violations – left no alternative: Sector Latino Chicago is no longer recognized as a designated supporter group by Chicago Fire Soccer Club, meaning all its supporter privileges are permanently revoked.

By and large, Fire supporter groups and those across the League exhibit great passion in constructive ways including the use of Tifo, instruments, songs and chants. However, membership in a supporter group may never be allowed to cloak the identity of those who threaten fan safety or choose belligerence, profanity, vulgarity, incivility or even violence.

We’ve written previously about the Sector Latino ban, saying that this kind of blanket punishment for the actions of a rogue few would, as Ruben put it, “only serve to further poison the relationship between the club and the fans.” We stand by this position and strongly disagree with the club’s decision.

Section 8 Chicago released a statement in response this afternoon pledging to continue their boycott in solidarity with Sector Latino.

We hope that the club comes to their senses soon and reverses course. In the meantime, we refer fans to Sector Latino and Section 8 for organized responses to the decision. We also encourage fans to consider a donation to S8C’s fundraising campaign for the Chicago Food Depository.