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Pride And Prejudice: Chicago Fire vs New England Revolution, MLS Week 15 Preview

The Fire will be looking to claim a win over the Revs despite tired legs, poor form at home, and a potentially near-empty stadium

MLS: New England Revolution at Chicago Fire Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

It feels kind of stupid writing about this game given everything that’s going on right now.

We’re going to have more to say on the Sector Latino ban a little later today. But this week has done a lot to illustrate how frustrating and sad it can be to support the Chicago Fire Soccer Club sometimes. It’s a testament to Fire fans who stick with the club even as they speak out against the actions of the front office. You have to really love this team to put up with the kind of bullshit that comes along with it. What you’re seeing now on CF97 Twitter is longtime fans who love the club and love Chicago Soccer reacting with genuine pain after being effectively told that the feeling isn’t totally mutual. That’s a terrible thing to reckon with.

So, here we are. The Fire are taking on the Revs at home tomorrow night. The club will be hosting its annual corporate Pride promotions. Many die-hard fans will be somewhere else.

“Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.”

Chicago Fire all-time MLS record vs New England Revolution: 26W-11D-21L, 82 GF / 77 GA, 89 pts out of 174

Chicago Fire home MLS record vs New England Revolution: 16W-8D-5L, 54 GF / 35 GA, 56 pts out of 87

Previously On...

Unbeaten in their last three league games but still smarting from getting knocked out of the Open Cup in midweek by lower league opposition. Hard to tell which version of the Revs we’re likely to get tomorrow night.

Suggested Lineup

Sanchez; Vincent, Lillard, Kappelhof, Ramos; Schweinsteiger, Adams, McCarty; Katai, Campos, Nikolic

I’m not sure about bringing back so many players who put in a lot of minutes in Columbus. But we’re short on options and, if players are healthy enough to suit up, we need them.

Keys To The Match

Suck It Up, Buttercup: This game after the grueling endurance trial in Columbus on Wednesday and ahead of another game next Wednesday. Everyone’s tired. Everyone’s hurt. There’s no help coming. The Fire are just going to have to power through 90 more minutes. There’s no clever trick here, no brilliant play. They just have to do the thing. That means playing smart rather than hard, and not over-exerting themselves, and not trying to play Hero Ball. Do the job that’s in front of you and get through the night.

Reclaim The Midfield: With Bastian Schweinsteiger getting some rest on Wednesday and Dax McCarty evidently back from injury, the Fire have an opportunity to reassert themselves as a dominant midfield presence. Those two back at 100% (or even 80%) with Mo Adams could serve to run New England out of the game.

Lock It Down: The backline has to deliver tomorrow. So does Richard Sanchez. They need to do whatever they need to do to get their shit together and keep the Revs out of El Gato’s net. Don’t count on a Niko hat trick to bail everyone out.

How To Watch

Television: N/A

Streaming: ESPN+


Goals scored by the Fire for this game will count towards our Pride Month Fundraiser. Click HERE to donate.

Final Thoughts

Can the Fire get the job done at home and build some momentum? Let us know in the comments below!