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Friday Mailbag & Open Thread: The Middle Distance

Ruben puts on his Disappointed Mom Face and discusses the current state of the Fire

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Chicago Fire Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not angry. I’m not angry with you, Chicago Fire, for pissing away a game against an Eastern Conference rival jockeying with you for P6 in the east. I’m not angry that the Front Office are being ostriches toward Sector Latino. I should be angry that Nelson Rodriguez did the thing that front offices absolutely must not do- see last year’s finish as the third best team in the regular season and a one and dome in the playoffs and absolutely laid an egg in the off-season, but I’m not angry. I’m Just disappointed...

A report came out from that Juan Quintero’s asking price is 29 million. And you wanted him for Free, Nelson? $12 million was too expensive for you? After that debacle I remember hearing him say that he had to adjust himself to the reality of what the going rate of players are in the modern era. I wonder how that’s going for him...

Oh look the Fire made a signing! Nicolas del Grecco, a 24 year old center back from Argentina... what’s this? the only video footage anyone can find of him is him getting torched by Bradley Wright Phillips? Carry on.

Meanwhile, The Chicago Red Stars starting to gear up for the 2019 season by pushing season tickets on us.... wait. Tickets in the Harlem End are $132. You get to see world class talent, and they come with a parking pass, plus a bunch of other cool incentives? While the Fire seem to only be punishing their most loyal and die heard fans? I mean, come on. Way to get dunked on in your own house, guys. Good job, good effort.

But hey, maybe with that new investor in the club big things might be happening. Maybe we can get a real play maker in midfield! No disrespect to Brandt Bronico, of course, he’s been solid and does what he can, and has (mostly) played well. But sometimes I see him struggle a bit, and think he could use someone to learn from in practice every day. An example of what a true creative force can do on the field. It’s something Harry Shipp could have used as well, and if he had it and reached his potential, the US might have qualified for the World Cup. Lets hope the influx of cash can get them a big name.

At least they nailed down Katai. That was good.

I know this feels and reads like a big rambly mess, and I’m sorry for that. But honestly, It’s really hard to not feel like a big rambly mess when watching the Fire right now. The best we can hope for as fans is a good cup run.

Diego Campos has been fine. Has he lit the world on fire? No. (Pardon the pun.) But when he’s not forced to play out of position, he’d done alright. His corners and crosses have been on a sliding scale of okay to sublime. Just stop asking him to play right back. As for my thoughts on the whole season, well... as of right now, it’s a failure. Third in the Eastern Conference to fighting for the last playoff spot is a huge step back. On a micro level, there have been some really good performances and watching the individual games themselves is entertaining. Shout out to Tony Tchani’s banger from last Saturday against Vancouver.

Thank you for reading today’s mailbag and some occasionally interconnected thoughts about the Fire. You can ask us questions on soccer and nonsense using the hashtag #AskHotTime.