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Chicago Red Stars: The Only Good Team in Chicago

This city has a team that is good at sports. It’s time to stop sleeping on them.

Shaina Benhiyoun Photography

Preface: If you are not aware, the Chicago Red Stars will play in the 2018 NWSL semifinals next weekend and we will not calm down about it one bit. We here at Hot Time In Old Town intend to provide you all with Red Stars content every single day this week. Please enjoy Day One.

Hi. If you clicked on this link all kinds of pissed off, let me take the time to tell you about Chicago’s National Women’s Soccer League team - the Chicago Red Stars. They are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this season. They have good defense. They have good offense. They have the best player in the world right now in Sam Kerr.

To top things off, they have completed the 2018 regular season and are among the top teams competing in the NWSL post season. The Red Stars are going to the NWSL playoffs for the fourth consecutive year where they will compete in a semifinal this Sunday.

In a nutshell they are incredibly good at what they do, which is sports. That sport is in fact Soccer - Football, even. If you are in Chicago and you are filling your weekends with football from either the Chicago Bears or Chicago Fire, you are extremely bad at sports.

Here Is Why You Are Bad


I see you out there Bears fans. You just had the high of your life followed up with the biggest gut punch.

You were so hyped on this 2018 season when the Bears announced the high profile signing of defensive end Khalil Mack. Trust, we are right there with you.

He is a phenomenal athlete to behold, even after this embarrassing season-opening loss to the Green Bay Packers where the Bears completely pissed away the entire game in the second half.

However, I’m not sure why so many of you all were so high on a team this season that only got FOUR wins last year, but do you fam. One thing for sure, is that the offense and the defense have themselves a game to build off. But that remains to be seen.


I see you out there too, Fire fans. Well, kinda. Your front office has literally pushed it’s supporters groups out of Toyota Park, and the team has been playing - well, bad. It hasn’t been easy, from being outcast and then having to deal with results like this:

To say it has been a sad season from the Fire is probably putting it nicely, and even though the Red Stars have been the team playing CLEARLY SUPERIOR soccer for MANY YEARS - it’s still not too late to bring yourself some postseason soccer joy by supporting the Red Stars in their semifinal endeavor.


Yeah you read that right, Fire fans and Bears people.

This Bears team is MILES away from a postseason appearance, but you know who isn’t? The Chicago Red Stars. Bears will be featured on Monday Night Football, but do you know who plays next Sunday? Yeah that’s right, the Chicago Red Stars.

So while you are looking for something Chicago to watch on Sunday, you need to get yourself hooked into ESPN2 at 2pm CT and root for the Red Stars as they take on 2018 NWSL Shield winners - North Carolina Courage.

For some reason Chicago Fire have another game to play on Sunday, tragically. But you know what organization hasn’t chased their supporters away this season? Chicago Red Stars.

The Red Stars supporters group, Chicago Local 134, are very good at sports supporting and when they are not at Toyota Park cheering for the Red Stars, they typically hold watch parties at AJ Hudsons for away games. You can find more info here on how to join up with them, or follow them on Twitter.

If You Don't Support This Team You Are A Bad Chicagoan

Yeah I said it. Now rectify yourself. The football in this city has been a cesspool of mediocrity and missed playoffs for the last several years. But the Chicagoan in you just keeps going back for more.

Don't care about women who play sports? You are sad. Stay mad. Are you a Cool and Decent Chicagoan who enjoys sports but has yet to enjoy good football? Get ready for this Sunday.

A Football team from Chicago is playing in the playoffs. Support Women’s Soccer. Support Chicago.