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You Ain’t Gang You Can’t Hang: A Chicago Red Stars Hitlist

Hyped for the playoffs? The soundtrack to your entire week is now available

Photo provided by Chicago Red Stars

Dear Hot Time In Old Time Readers,

While we work diligently to provide you constant coverage and content about the Chicago Red Stars and Chicago Soccer in general, we here at HTIOT are also super into music. Our own Claire Watkins is in a kick ass band - Scout Ripley.

However, as some of you may know - the Red Stars are in the playoffs and will play their semi-final this weekend. With news surrounding the weather forecast (Hurricane Florence) and potential alterations to said semifinal, we wanted to help you stay the course of being an appropriate hypebeast.

In order to achieve this we are providing you a playlist to enjoy this week, and hopefully forever.

Did we mention it’s inspired by the amazing City of Chicago?

It has horns. It has beats. It has Women. It has different genres. It has something for you and maybe even your mom to enjoy. Not sure about your dad though. Unless your dad enjoys hip hop. Does your father love Rap?


It is 90 minutes plus stoppage time. It will take you through a warm up, an intensive core workout, as well as a cool down.

Much like the Red Stars season this year, this soundtrack will take you through a series of emotions. From #Scamgang to #Famgang, this compilation holds music from artists native to Chicago, or has ties to Chicago, or has songs about Chicago, or makes you feel things about Chicago.