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Fire Players As Overwatch Characters

The international week means it’s time for Ruben to get a little silly.

Overwatch League Grand Finals 2018 Photo by Hannah Smith/ESPAT Media/Getty Images

It’s the international break this weekend, which means the Fire have the week off, and no real news to react to. So, I had some trouble figuring out what to write about this week, so I went into my Evergreen Ideas Notebook, and saw this. What player Fire player would main what Overwatch Character?

It lines up perfectly, too, as the Overwatch League Playoffs proper started yesterday. So in honor of two of my favorite things, and being a little silly during the international break, Here’s a list of Overwatch Characters, and the player on the Fire players who most resembles them.

(Note: There are too many characters to do a perfect 1:1 ratio. And there are a few Fire players who haven’t played enough to give me a big enough impression.)

Anna— Francisco Calvo

Both are mostly good with a lot of upside. Ana is a high skill hero that does a lot of healing and damage simultaneously, but is prone to positioning errors and if she’s out of position, things for her team spiral out of control quickly. Just like Calvo.

Ashe— Przemysław Frankowski

They both came into the game with a lot of hype, and haven’t really delivered. Aside from a few bits of quality performances, they’ve had a hard time adjusting to the realities of the game.

Brigitte— Grant Lillard

Both are full of potential, but have a tough time fitting into a role at the moment. With Lillard, there are players in front of him in starting spots. And with Brig, her recent rework has left other supports playing instead of her.

D.Va— Aleksandar Katai

Both are dynamic playmakers that are instrumental in the team’s attack. They’re flashy and make big plays regularly, while being steady enough to be constant presences in the lineup, although modern circumstances have them both being featured less. Plus they’re both my favorites.

Genji— Raheem Edwards

Flashy and quick, but largely disappeared from competitive play. They can positively effect outcomes, but more often than not are just a nuisance for the opposition.

Junkrat— Brandt Bronico

Both are good at what they do. And that’s be annoying to their opponents. Much like Junkrat’s grenade spam through a choke point, Bronico is a hard player to beat straight up, and can be a real nuisance to get through. They both also have a tendency to put his opponents on tilt and cause them to make errors giving their teams advantages they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Mercy— Johan Kappelhof

Steady and dependable. Can perform any task extremely well in their skillset. On occasion, they can whip out the offensive prowess— Kappelhof moving forward, and Mercy with her blaster. But more often than not they’re content to play defensively, supporting their teammates.

Moira— Andre Reynolds II

Has shown lots of potential when in the game, but for reasons, doesn’t get picked so often. Whether it’s the meta dictating other supports with better utility being in favor in the case of Moira, or Reynolds not being declared ready by the coaching staff, they’re not getting much playing time. But when they do, they’re both extremely powerful.

Orisa — Jonathan Bornstein

Both are relative newcomers to their scenes, despite having been around for a while. Orisa benefits from the new meta heavily, creating more opportunities for her to play, while Bornstein has (obviously) not been on the Fire’s roster. Both however, are stabilizing influences on their squads, and are really good at defending the players around them/

Reinheardt— Bastian Schweinsteiger

This is not because they’re both German legends, although that does play a part. It’s because of their attitudes. Both are selfless and would do anything to help their team. Unfortunately, it seems both their time in the sun is setting. Rein hasn’t seen much play recently, and Schweinsteiger may not play much longer.

Sigma— Michael Azira

Too new to really get a handle on, but early signs are that he could be an effective force in the middle, protecting the defense and facilitating attacks. At least, in the short term. Long term, the future is uncertain for both. Azira is long in the tooth and Sigma may get nerfed soon.

Soldier:76— Veljko Paunovic

The guy in charge, but it doesn’t feel right. Jack Morrison made questionable decisions leading to the original fall of Overwatch, and Pauno seems to be making those with the Fire. Also much like Pauno’s gameplans, he was good in the beginning of the game, but as time went on, he was outclassed and rendered largely obsolete.

Sombra— Nico Gaitán

The consummate glass cannon playmaker. Sombra’s EMP can win team fights singlehandedly, and Gaitán can create goal scoring opportunities the by himself in the same way. However, There’s always the potential for both of them to get too cute and become completely ineffective. Gaitán especially can become completely invisible and unimportant to games.

Symmetra— Kenneth Kronholm

Annoying to have on your team, and annoying to play against. Both Sym and Kronholm share the ability to infuriate and tilt teammates and opponents alike. Both have defensive play styles but fancy themselves attackers, leading to frustrating moments and wins for opponents.

Torbjorn— David Ousted

Similar to the Symmetra/ Kronholm pairing. However, Ousted and Torb have a higher floor and lower sealing than the previous duo. Lack of good positioning is still an issue, but they’re steadier than Symholm, and I’d rather have them on my team, if It’s a choice between one or the other.

Tracer— Nemanja Nikolic

The two share more than just being the iconic faces of the club, but they both have had their struggles this year. They’ve both had problems affecting the games when they play, leading to other options being picked, however, when they get their chance, they still can have massive say in outcome of games.

Widowmaker— CJ Sapong

Both are extremely dangerous and volatile with the ability to effect game outcomes. Sometimes they both can be ineffective, but only need one second of inattentiveness on the part of the opponents to take advantage and punish them. They will be your savior if you let them.

Winston — Dax McCarty

The unquestioned leader of the club. It was Winston who made the call to reform Overwatch in the game’s story, and It’s Dax McCarty is the unquestioned captain of the Fire. They’re a steady force in the middle of the formation, and have the ability to take over games if they need to.

Zarya— Djordje Mihailovic

Unquestionably powerful, but needs a lot to get going. They both can be playmakers but generally, are played in other positions for the good of the team. Djordje should be a number 10, but is often played out wide or further back in central midfield. During the triple tank triple support meta, Zarya was often the damage dealer role that’s normally played by heroes like Tracer or Widowmaker.

Do these sound right to you? What do you main? Does anyone even play Overwatch anymore, or am I screaming into the void? Let me know in the comments below.