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Hot Time in Old Town is looking for writers

Do you love the Red Stars? The Fire? Read on!

2019 NWSL Championship

Hi there! We’re Hot Time in Old Town, and we’re looking for writers who would love the chance to write about the Chicago Red Stars and the Chicago Fire.

Are you a person who can be available and counted on a for a story at least once a week? You can write more than that if you want, of course. At Hot Time, we’re already in a good position to cover most breaking news as it happens. We’re looking for Fire fans and Red Stars fans who can write stuff that’s well... different. Whether it’s a brilliant piece on tactics, or something funny, we want to see what you can do.

Most importantly, are you a person who can do this for little or no compensation, at least at first? We can offer the following, in terms of compensation:

- The building of a writing resume

- Knowledge that you’re helping to contribute to the foremost Chicago Fire and Chicago Red Stars blog on the planet

Granted, those are somewhat nebulous “compensation” things, but still. Writing for Hot Time is a ton of fun, and we’d like you to join the fun! The longer you stick around, though, and the more you do, the more that compensation becomes an actual thing we can do.

If you’re interested in finding out more, DM me on Twitter @patrickmccraney. Send me a message with your name, your qualifications, and an email address to reach you. I’m the new managing editor here, so if you’ve applied before, feel free to apply again.

NOTE: due to the volume of submissions, I may not get back to you immediately. But know that I did get your email and expect to hear back from us within a week of your submission.