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Hot Time’s Chicago Fire and Red Stars hiatus survival guide

Here are some of our favorite Chicago soccer stories from 2020

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Robert Berić of the Chicago Fire
Patrick McCraney

The reality of the Coronavirus outbreak is setting in. For some of us, it might mean dealing with real, actual health problems for ourselves or loved ones. For the rest of us lucky enough to be healthy, we’re just dealing with boredom.

Since we’re all trying to figure out what we’ll do with our lives now that soccer and other sports are on hold, I figured I’d throw together a quick list of my favorite Chicago soccer related stories from the year, from Hot Time and elsewhere.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy a few of these while we’re all waiting for things to get back to normal.

Chicago Fire stories from Hot Time:

Fire stories from other news outlets:

Red Stars stories:

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Hopefully you enjoyed reading some of these. Take care of each other, and stay healthy.