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How are you filling your time during the coronavirus hiatus?

Let’s share ideas so we don’t go crazy

NFL: MAR 02 Soldier Field Photo by Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Tomorrow was supposed to be the Chicago Fire’s long-awaited return to Soldier Field. But, the coronavirus had other plans, and now we get to experience life without the beautiful game.

Before this, I’m not sure I realized how much soccer occupied my life. In addition to writing about the Fire and Red Stars for this fine website, I would coach soccer several nights a week. I’d watch my sons’ training sessions and games. I’d watch Champions League on weekday afternoons, and the Premier League or the Bundesliga Saturday and Sunday mornings.

That’s all pretty much gone now. Like all of you, I really miss it. My wife’s gone every day producing coronavirus coverage at NBC 5, so I’m at home with two soccer-hungry boys looking to pass the time. We’ve played FIFA, I finally downloaded Football Manager (it’s tough—I need advice). I’ve been producing ridiculous videos of my children and dog, we’ve been coloring every day with the Red Stars, and we’ve even snuck outside a few times to actually play soccer.

What are you guys doing to fill the soccer void? Is there a book, TV show, movie or podcast you really love? Do you have Football Manager advice? Let us know in the comments!