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Djordje Mihailovic’s TikTok game is next level

Without soccer, Chicago Fire and Red Stars players are getting creative in their boredom

Chicago Fire FC v Seattle Sounders FC
The Fire’s Djordje Mihailovic
Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Like the rest of us, the Chicago Fire’s Djordje Mihailovic appears to be going a little crazy during Illinois’ stay-at-home mandate. Thankfully, he’s documenting how he’s spending his time on TikTok, for all of us to see.

So far, he’s tried to kick a small ball through a foam roller, he reenacted a famous Wayne Rooney goal, he hit a fadeaway jumper that should probably earn him a spot on the Bulls, and he cried about the absence of soccer over some cookies and cream ice cream.

In the best video, Djordje tries pulling off the around-the-world juggling trick with random objects in his apartment, and he ends up launching a bicycle helmet across the room.

The bike helmet incident

It’s safe to say Djordje’s neighbors love him.

If you’re thinking about signing up, there are a few other accounts to follow. CJ Sapong has a couple dancing videos posted, and the Fire launched an official TikTok a few weeks ago. There’s some funny content on there, too.

The Red Stars have had an official TikTok since last season, and goalkeeper Emily Boyd also has some quality dance and dog content on her account.

Outside of Chicago, Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic recently jumped on with a couple juggling videos, and Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies is absolutely hilarious. He did a shot for shot reenactment of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine “I Want It That Way” scene, where he plays all the characters.

Are there any other soccer related TikTok accounts we’re missing? Let us know in the comments.