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New Chicago Red Stars jersey drops April 30

Plus, the team announces it is “holding firm on front office and player employment.”

2019 NWSL Championship

The NWSL season may be on hold while we ride out the COVID-19 crisis, but the Chicago Red Stars announced a few pieces of good news in an email today to supporters.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Despite the fact there’s no incoming revenue, the Red Stars announced today the club is “holding firm on the front office and player employment as long as we can so as not to extend the hardships that the club is feeling.” In a time where we’ve seen other organizations laying off staff, that’s great news.
  • On April 30, the club is dropping a new jersey that will replace the white away shirt. Fans will be able to purchase a kit right way at the virtual launch.
  • April 25 was supposed to be the home opener. While that’s on hold, the club is asking fans to “mark their calendars” for that date, so presumably there’s something fun on the way.

Right now, the NWSL training moratorium runs through May 5, and the league is targeting a late-June season start.

Hot Time’s Red Stars editor TJ Zaremba is scheduled to interview Kayla Sharples tomorrow. Is there a question you’re dying to know? Let us know it the comments, or hit us up on Twitter: @HotTimeOldTown.