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Chicago Red Stars “Neighborhood Kit” outselling the “Elevated Kit”

Danielle Colaprico
Chicago Red Stars

It’s now five days since the Chicago Red Stars unveiled the flag-inspired “Neighborhood Kit”, and several sizes are sold out. Owner Arnim Whisler tweeted the jersey is outselling last year’s wildly popular “Elevated Kit”.

The Red Stars’ merchandise partner, Soccer 2000, is showing most men’s sizes of the jersey on back order until July.

The hot sales are important for the Red Stars, because the club has no other revenue coming in right now due to the COVID-19 stoppage. The kit, which features the names of Chicago’s neighborhoods embedded in the blue stripes, is grabbing a lot of attention and praise outside of Chicago, too.

It’s a great, creative design. At the virtual jersey launch, Whisler told fans custom, in-house designs like these cost twice as much to produce. But, clearly, it’s paying off in the form of sales and buzz. Hopefully we get to see these on the field before too long.