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Player Ratings: Chicago Fire 2, Columbus Crew 2

Here’s how TJ rates the individual Fire player performances

MLS: Columbus Crew SC at Chicago Fire
Francisco Calvo
Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

After a disappointing 2-2 draw with the Columbus Crew at Soldier Field on Saturday afternoon, the committee of one and a half (the half being Pat trying to change my mind during the recording of the Minivan Dad Soccer Pod) has spoken. These are the player ratings for the Men in Navy.

Beric: 7 – A goal and an assist are the expectations for a Designated Player striker. Early on, he was continually active and kind of faded as the game went on. The goal seemed more lucky than good by going through Room’s legs than any of the rest of the open goal, but it counts all the same. Spent a lot of time offside in the second half. Was replaced by CJ in the 79th minute

Sapong: N/A – While in the game for the final 15 minutes. Only had a few touches and not enough to really form an opinion one way.

Mihailovic: 7 – The same Djordje that came on at Cincinnati and was dangerous throughout returned through the first 22 minutes of this match. He had a goal and was instrumental in the early pressure on the Crew defense. Unfortunately, he picked up a knock early and was replaced in the 22nd minute.

Collier: 6 – He provided an excellent cross that Frankie shanked to potentially put the game on ice. Beyond that, kind of a typical performance from the Kiwi. Might have been responsible for Alashe on the Columbus opening goal.

Aliseda: 6 – Nacho is always exciting on the ball, but again seemed to struggle at times with his pass/shoot decision making. He had several good chances throughout the match, especially in the 2nd half, but was unable to finish.

Herbers: 6 – Fabian was pivotal on the Fire’s 2nd goal with a great cross that was finished by Beric. He also had a golden opportunity in the opening 10 minutes that he scuffed wide. Beyond that, did not impact the match too much. He came off for Frankowski in the 61st minute.

Frankowski: 3 – The return of Bad Frankie. He was gifted a golden opportunity on a cross from Collier that he hit the Room with just inside the left post, even though the entire goal was open. That is a finish that a U10 should be able to complete. Unacceptable for a professional.

Medran: 6 – Like Frankowski, he had a golden opportunity with an out of position goalkeeper. Unfortunately, he completely botched his chip instead of going to the side. Again, this is an opportunity that a professional should finish. He finished with an assist on the night and was an important part of the Fire’s attack, especially early on.

Gimenez: 6 – His crosses from side to side to spring a counterattack by switching the point of attack are a thing of beauty. He was able to do that repeatedly during the 2nd half providing the Fire several chances. Unfortunately, the ability to finish those chances went for not. A strong game overall.

Sekulic: 5 – Early in the game, he worked hard to get into the attack and along with Herbers created problems for the Crew defense. However, after the Fire went up 2-0, he was forced to defend more, which is not his strongest suit. Needs to be stronger on defense.

Pineda: 4 – He was beaten to the ball by Zardes that ultimately caromed off Alashe’s face. Nearly gifted Columbus a goal in the first half as well. He kept Zardes onside for the Crew equalizer, but because it deflected off Johnny B, that seems like a moot point. Overall, a shaky performance from the rookie.

Calvo: 3– Sadly, this type of night is becoming more and more common for the Fire captain. His time-wasting yellow card in the 71st minute was absolutely a clown move. I would like to hope there is more to it than the attempt to waste time, but either way, he should know better. He stopped marking Zardes on the Zardes special that was the Crew’s equalizer leaving him open after the deflection of Bornstein.

Navarro: 5 – He was subbed off at half time after taking a yellow card late in the first half. Much like Sekulic, his strength is in his ability to get into the attack than outright defending. At full speed, a yellow seemed fair on dangerous challenge. However, a bit harsh when slowed down. Not his best night.

Bornstein: 4 – He came on at half time to be the lockdown defender the Fire would need to hold off the Columbus attack in the second half. Unfortunately, he was a -2 for tonight and that is not good enough. His deflection to Zardes set up the equalizer on a flailing attempt to block the shot. He seemed overmatched by Etienne and Mokhtar on the right side for the entirety of his time on the field.

Shuttleworth: 8 – In my opinion, he was in the running for Man of the Match. He made several point blanks saves to keep the Fire up 2-0. Absolutely nothing he could do on the first goal. He was leaning the wrong way on the 1v1 with Zardes on the Columbus equalizer. It is a shame that so many great saves were wasted by poor defending.

Are these fair? Harsh? Too kind? Let us know in the comments!