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There are two new Chicago Fire jerseys coming in 2021

Hot Time has confirmed the team will debut new home and away jerseys

The 2020 “Homecoming Kit”
Chicago Fire FC

For the second season in a row, the Chicago Fire will be releasing two new jerseys, Hot Time has confirmed.

In 2020, the Fire debuted the blue “Homecoming Kit,” which broke from the traditional red, as well as the bland, all-white away shirts.

The team will again be releasing two new shirts for the 2021 season. If all goes as planned, these two will be the last to feature the unpopular “Fire Crown” crest, which is being replaced ahead of the 2022 season. The jerseys will be unveiled in the coming weeks, before the 2021 season kicks off.

We don’t yet have any design specifics. When the team announced it was scrapping the “Fire Crown,” it said, “The Club’s official colors – both for the identity and the team’s kits – are up for consideration, including a return to red.” That wouldn’t be until 2022, meaning it’s likely—but not confirmed—the home shirt will be blue again in 2021.

Typically, MLS teams have released new jerseys on an alternating, two-year cycle—one year the home shirt gets replaced, and the next year the away shirt is updated. The Fire had always followed along with that pattern, until the logo change last season.