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Chicago Fire Notebook: Update on Zdrilic, Injuries, and Kit News

The Fire are looking to snap their four game losing streak at home on Saturday against Inter Miami CF

MLS: Chicago Fire at Seattle Sounders FC
Raphael Wicky
Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

We now have a clearer picture of what happened to David Zdrilic, the now former Chicago Fire assistant coach. Raphael Wicky said on Wednesday it was his decision to remove Zdrilic from the first team coaching staff.

Here’s Wicky’s full exchange with reporters on the topic:

Question: Just looking for an update or clarification on the situation with David Zdrilic, what is his status with the Club right now?

RAPHAEL WICKY: “Well, the status is that I decided ten days ago that we are not working together any more for some different reasons. The Club is still figuring out his future position, obviously with him, but for now he’s not in my first team staff anymore. That’s the situation and that’s where we are today.”

Question: What led to that decision on your part?

WICKY: “Just the simple fact that we have different visions, different approaches to the game, different visions and I decided (it’s) best to not work together anymore. It’s as simple as that. That’s why I decided to do (that), and again, it has nothing to do with the results and David worked very hard for us and I appreciate everything he had done but there were just different visions and different approaches and that’s it. I took a decision and that’s where we are today and we keep working.”

That leaves Frank Klopas and goalkeeper coach Adin Brown as Wicky’s two remaining assistants.

Injury News

Things continue to improve ever so slowly on the injury front. Defender Carlos Teran and attacker Ignacio Aliseda are both recovering from muscle injuries.

“Carlos a little bit ahead of Nacho but if everything goes well, Carlos could be available for this weekend,” Wicky said. “He trains fully with the team. Nacho is reintegrated with the team, every day a little bit more. It will be day-by-day for this weekend. But yeah, I’m happy that all these guys are slowly coming back. Also Fabi Herbers is back, Elliot is back, Miguel Navarro is back. Obviously, that is very positive and that helps the team, obviously, to become stronger and to grow again. I think that was one of the points, as well, which I said last weekend or after the D.C. game that there is hope.”

The team’s full injury report should be out Friday ahead of the Inter Miami match.

New Kits

Chicago will wear the white Lakefront Kit—the one with the embedded Chicago Flag stars—for the Inter Miami match. And, they’ll debut the new adidas PrimeBlue kits on May 29th against Djordje Mihailovic and CF Montreal. The PrimeBlue jerseys are part of an MLS-wide initiative, and are expected to go on sale for all teams sometime Thursday.