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The Hot Cast: Shaqiri Tactics

Talkin’ ‘bout them Fires

Bulgaria v Switzerland - FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifier Photo by Georgi Paleykov/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Ruben and RJ return for their last podcast before the official season preview and they’re here to talk about all things Xherdan Shaqiri. They not only talk about what this move means for the club and their ambitions for the league but also take a deep dive onto the audio chalkboard to discuss the tactics of the move. They talk about where they think he’ll be best used and what the squad can do around him to make the most of a player of his caliber.

They then shift the conversation to tactics in general, and how they’d like to see the Fire set up, and discuss some of the challenges Ezra Hendrickson will have putting a line-up together. All of that plus some CONCACAF Champions League on this week’s Hot Cast.