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Chicago Fire postgame analysis

What We Learned From the Fire’s Last Week

Ruben takes a look back at the week that was.

Chicago Fire vs Toronto FC: What We Learned

Chicago Fire 3, Atlanta United 0: What We Learned

Chicago Fire fall to Columbus Crew 3-0 in latest restart to 2020 MLS season

Wicky: "They were very clinical, and we were not."

Mo Adams Was Critical To Fire’s Win Over Montreal

The Young Englishman Continues to Shine for the Men in Red

Words About Shapes: Basti the Libero

It’s not a solution anyone wanted, but playing Bastian Schweinsteiger as libero seems best way forward for Fire

Words About Shapes: A Blighted Age of Wonders

Radiohead on shuffle while I contemplate the ‘Actually’ Guy

Pauno Chat: “We Have To Get Better”

The Fire head coach reflects on a dismal season opener

Roundtable: Broken Slippers

In the last Roundtable of the year, the Hot Time crew unpacks the playoff loss to NYRB & discusses the Amazon Stadium proposal

Roundtable: Next Year Is Here

The Hot Time Crew talks about Houston, the GK situation, and the playoff game vs NYRB

Roundtable: All Tomorrow’s Parties

Plus: this is all Ralph’s fault

Roundtable: What’s Past Is Prologue

The Hot Time crew reflects on the Fire’s 20th anniversary before barreling ahead to this weekend’s home finale

Roundtable: Stumbling Into Glory

The Hot Time crew talks NYCFC, the goalkeeper problem, and the Red Stars’ playoff semifinal vs NC

Roundtable: The One Where We Mostly Talk Red Stars

Everyone’s excited by some of the world’s best soccer being played by a star-studded lineup at Toyota Park right now; also, the Fire didn’t look good, again

Roundtable: Brandon Vincent Homesick Blues

The Hot Time crew discuss the win over DC, attacking fullbacks, and missing mojo

Roundtable: Dancing With The One That Brought You

The Hot Time crew talks about the draw against NYRB, Pauno’s comments, and managing expectations

Roundtable: Don’t Call It A Comeback

The Hot Time crew discuss the win over Montreal, Polster, Mihailovic, and leaning into things

Roundtable: The Panic Button

The Hot Time crew discuss the gathering darkness, large friendly letters, and great hair

Roundtable: Space Sucks

And so do the Fire now, apparently

Roundtable: Cracks In The Ice

The Hot Time crew talks Lampson, squad rotation, and America’s Hat

Roundtable: Reasonable Accam-modations

The Hot Time crew discuss the win over New England, David Accam transfer rumors, and That Yellow Effing Team

Roundtable: Soldiering On

The Hot Time crew talks SKC, mean regression, and the MLS All-Star Game

Roundtable: 9-Dimensional Chess

The Hot Time crew digs in to the Fire’s first loss in 3 months, has some fun with portmanteaus, and talks about fan gatekeeping

Roundtable: Ol’ Dirty Basti

On the Supporters’ Shield, hot streaks, and Wu-Tang

Roundtable: Winning And Wallowing

The Hot Time crew really doesn’t want David Accam to leave us. Ever.

Roundtable: Storm’s A-Brewin’

The Hot Time crew talks Atlanta, Saint Louis, video games, and ancient magic

Roundtable: Babies And Bathwater

The Fire’s winning streak comes to a screeching halt. The Hot Time crew tries to pick up the pieces.

Roundtable: Tostitos Are Not A Liquid

In which the Hot Time crew fends off nosebleeds following the Fire’s exceptional run of form

Roundtable: Pride And Joy

The Fire grab two wins in a week and climb up to 2nd in the Eastern Conference

Roundtable: It’s A Little Bit Funny

This feeling insiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide

Fire 4, Sounders 1: Man of the Match

Chicago blew the doors off the Sounders in the second half. Now, we want you to rate the Fire’s players and choose your Man of the Match.

Roundtable: The Carson Job

Hitter Hacker Grifter Lamp


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