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Hot Time Editorial: Go Away Arnim

It’s not just Portland that needs a reckoning.

It’s Been a Week of Scandal for the Fire

The Fire have found themselves in trouble this week

The 2021 Chicago Fire Retrospective Part 1

It’s time to take a look back at the 2021 season.

Goodbye To All That

Bridget signs off from Hot Time

2019 Chicago Fire Retrospective Part 2

Our look back at the 2019 season concludes

Nelson Rodriguez Needs To Go

The Fire president/GM doesn’t have a plan to move the club forward.

2019 Chicago Fire Retrospective: Part 1

Ruben looks back at the roller coaster that was the 2019 season

What Our Toronto FC Results Say About the Fire’s 2019 Season

The highs and lows of this season were on display in both matchups against Toronto FC

With The Mansueto Era Beginning, Does Making The Playoffs This Year Actually Matter?

Is it better to focus on 2020 or try to sneak into the playoffs this year?

How The Fire’s Struggles Mirror The White Sox

What’s the difference between two struggling teams in Chicago? One has a plan.

Brandon Vincent, Andrew Gutman, And Why It’s Even Worse Than You Think

A recent document shows that the Fire were lying about not wanting Gutman

That Winning Feeling, Remember It?

The Fire pick up their first 3 points in four weeks

What If Jonathan Bornstein Spent the Entire Season in Chicago

How does the January signing of Jonathan Bornstein effect the season?

Use The Chicago Fire Brand As Intended

Keep the brand. Rebuild the club.

It Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before

There are weird parallels emerging between this season and the summer of 2012

The Fire Have An Accountability Problem

Time and again, this team has shown that their worst enemy is themselves

Everything Is Bad

This all feels wrong

Why Fire Fans Should Manage Their Expectations Over Next Two Games

Even if the Fire win both these games, they still have a long way to go

Perception Is Reality: Your 2019 Chicago Fire

Lack of Coaching Change is Abnormal for Hauptman Era

Ownership has given more time to the front office pairing than any other

A Look At The Fire Through Grant Wahl’s MLS Ambition Rankings

The Fire rank 15th for the 3rd time in the last 4 years.

Brothers In Arms: Remembering what the Fire vs. Revs used to be

The Fire vs. Revolution used to decide who would win the Eastern Conference. Now neither can get out of their own way.

Negligence vs Failure

The Colorado situation got me thinking about the parallels, and differences, with the Fire.

Average Isn’t Enough for Velkjo Paunovic

It May Be Time to Replace Paunovic

Are The Fire Going To “Figure It Out”?

The Fire looked apathetic over 180 minutes offensively

Fire Till I Die

Fire fans should spread the joy of soccer

So About Those Rebrand Rumors

In which Ruben has feelings about the rumored name change and move to Soldier Field

Twilight Of Der Fußballgott

As one of the Fire’s most promising young players is loaned out, our own living legend’s career is breaking down

2018 Fire Retrospective: Part 2

Ruben’s look back at the 2018 Fire continues

Pros And Cons Of A Dax McCarty Trade

The Fire captain has been a tremendous addition to the squad. But could it be time to let him go?

2018 Fire Retrospective: Part 1

Re-traumatize yourself with our overview of the Fire’s 2018 campaign

A Wishlist For The End Of The Season

It’s the last game of the 2018 season. Let’s try and have some fun.