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Friday Mailbag & Open Thread: Fading History

Missed anniversaries, former players, and more

Rest The Big Names Against Atlanta

The core players need a rest and the younger guys need a chance to prove themselves

Dax Takes One For The Team

The Fire captain broke from precedent by speaking out about Section 8 and Sector Latino. Will this affect his future in Chicago?

On Complacency

The Fire are looking to finish a dismal season on a high note. That may or may not be a good thing.

Djordje Mihailovic Is The Future Of The Chicago Fire

Mihailovic is a special player— and we’re only just beginning to see why

On Accountability

The 2018 Fire season has been a complete failure. Ruben says it’s time for a change of leadership.

Friday Mailbag & Open Thread: Looking Ahead

Ruben speculates on the end of the Fire’s season, plus some thoughts on the Red Stars’ postseason run & future

Two Teams, Four Stars, One City

The Fire and Red Stars represent this city and share a stadium. Beyond that, the differences can feel like night and day.

Storm’s A-Comin

Ruben discusses the Red Stars’ semifinal move to Portland, the Fire’s return to action this weekend, and more

An Ode To Work Bae

A story of falling in love with the Chicago Red Stars... as an Orlando Pride fan

Chicago Red Stars: The Only Good Team in Chicago

This city has a team that is good at sports. It’s time to stop sleeping on them.

Friday Mailbag & Open Thread: Chop Chop

Ruben discusses the Red Stars’ playoff berth, kitchen adventures, and more

The Case For Longer NWSL Playoffs

The NWSL playoffs this year are going to be incredible. Let’s make them longer in the future.

Friday Mailbag & Open Thread: Ist Das Nicht Ein Schnitzelbank?

Ruben chats about Munich, the rest of the season, the future of the club, and more

The Fire’s Long Break Is A Good Thing. For Everyone.

Sometimes, in a relationship, you just need some time apart

Friday Mailbag And Open Thread: The Long Goodbye

Ruben laments the end of the Fire-Crew rivalry and considers the future of two important figures at Toyota Park

Paywalls, And Other Small Tragedies

The ESPN+ deal is a good long-term move. And the Fire are still screwing it up.

Taking A Look At Potential Shirt Sponsors For Next Season

With Valspar reportedly cutting ties, the Chicago Fire will need to find someone else to advertise on their jersey

You Are My Fire, My Only Fire

Loving a club shouldn’t be this hard

We, The Biomass

Q: Why doesn’t MLS cater to its most passionate fans? A: To them we are a resource, not a market

Hot Time In Old Town Cancels Fire Gameday Coverage This Weekend

We stand in solidarity with Section 8, Sector Latino, and all Fire fans

Time’s Up For Veljko Paunovic

The Fire head coach’s position has become untenable

Whose Fault Is This?

The Fire are having a terrible season. Who shoulders most of the blame?

Friday Mailbag & Open Thread: Not Good Enough

Ruben rants about the state of the Fire, ToN 2018, attendance figures, and more

Friday Mailbag & Open Thread: This Is Fine

Ruben vents his spleen on the Nelson Rodriguez media presser, Tournament Of Nations, and more

Editorial: Why Sector Latino Matters

RJ offers some personal reflections on SL12 and Chicago supporter culture

On Press, Huerta, And All The Futures That Never Happened

Even when you know the way it’s gonna blow, it’s hard to get around the wind

Editorial: The Sector Latino Ban Is An Embarrassing Overreaction

We call on the Fire FO to reinstate Sector Latino’s SG privileges immediately

An Open Letter To Alan Gordon

"It’s not about Being Right. It’s about Showing Up."

Fire Fans Shouldn’t Get Too Excited Over Solignac’s Return

Lucho is back, but he is not the attacking savior some still hope he can be

Editorial: It’s Time For The Fire To Put Up Or Shut Up

Ruben offers a rebuttal to Nelson Rodriguez’ media roundtable

With An Already Thin Squad, Is Pauno Making Good Decisions?

A look at Pauno’s selection and substitution decisions from the loss to Houston