Preview from the Nashville SC side


Taking a look at the contest in Nissan Stadium tonight.

In Schweinsteiger, Chicago Fire Finds New Spark


Good article about the impact Schweinsteiger's move will have on the city and his legacy.

Beautiful final goal for #cf97


Watch Drew Conner move from right back, where he's covering Harrington, through midfield with a series of wall passes, finally springing Nikolic to square for Accam. That's a Fire Homegrown player, folks.

Michael Harrington Hot Time Interview


The Chicago Fire featured a Hot Time In Old Town interview on their website today. Check it out!



What Frank is grasping for here is a quality that Christopher Moltisanti would call 'pussy-ass-ness.' All due respect to everyone with a pussy, or an ass, or a ness.

What's the deal with the lines?


Today's crowd certainly wasn't the largest in history - although it will certainly swell in numbers as time goes on - so why were there so many supporters left outside this gate after kickoff? Was another gate left closed due to staffing issues?

Home opener this week? Get hyped with this CF97 hot mix


North Shore DJ Ben Stepnowski - a/k/a DJ Step - dropped this #cf97 hot mix a couple of hours ago. GET HYPED, CHICAGO! First home game is Saturday night!

Fire's 2015 secondary kit is SWEET


If last year's disappointing results were presaged by the unveiling of a squalid home kit, 2015's looking up! released the Fire's new secondary kit design, and it's tasty.

Atul Khosla addresses 'The Editorial'


If you've been waiting 18 months for a mealy-mouthed, "mistakes were made" apology from the Fire front office for The Editorial, YOU ARE IN LUCK! Here's two-plus minutes of Fire COO Atul Khosla attempting to walk back from The Editorial, which was quietly dropped from the Fire's website in the fall, more than a year after it first appeared. As Khosla mentions in the video, the Editorial was picked up (read: mocked roundly) by larger sites such as Deadspin. Apparently 18 months is just enough time to realize that castigating your most passionate fans for daring to demand excellence is not good business, and two minutes of diffidently mumbling 'it didn't turn out the way we'd hoped' pays for defiantly defending the thing repeatedly over the year-plus it was still on the club's site. If this whole thing is gobbledygook to you, you can catch up by reading the original editorial (preserved here on the Section 8 boards), our response, and Deadspin's hilarious takedown.