Fire's 2015 secondary kit is SWEET


If last year's disappointing results were presaged by the unveiling of a squalid home kit, 2015's looking up! released the Fire's new secondary kit design, and it's tasty.

Atul Khosla addresses 'The Editorial'


If you've been waiting 18 months for a mealy-mouthed, "mistakes were made" apology from the Fire front office for The Editorial, YOU ARE IN LUCK! Here's two-plus minutes of Fire COO Atul Khosla attempting to walk back from The Editorial, which was quietly dropped from the Fire's website in the fall, more than a year after it first appeared. As Khosla mentions in the video, the Editorial was picked up (read: mocked roundly) by larger sites such as Deadspin. Apparently 18 months is just enough time to realize that castigating your most passionate fans for daring to demand excellence is not good business, and two minutes of diffidently mumbling 'it didn't turn out the way we'd hoped' pays for defiantly defending the thing repeatedly over the year-plus it was still on the club's site. If this whole thing is gobbledygook to you, you can catch up by reading the original editorial (preserved here on the Section 8 boards), our response, and Deadspin's hilarious takedown.

Fire Announce USL Pro Affiliation with SLFC


It's official.

The Milkman delivers ... in HIS NEW LAMBORGHINI


Sean Johnson won a series of races sponsored by Continental Tire, besting former Chivas USA 'keeper Dan Kennedy in the final of the 'Whatcha Got, MLS' competition. Winning's nice, but the prize is even nicer - the Milkman gets the use of the Lamborghini he drove in the contest for a year! No word, as yet, if he's offered to pave the remaining parking lots at Toyota Park to spare his new baby exposure to gravel, dust and mud.

Hey Look, a New Signing!


NEWS: The club has signed veteran forward Robert Earnshaw on a free transfer.

Chicago Fire (Twitter)

Mike Magee's Day Off


Our beloved MVP did a spoof of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" with the help of other MLS stars and celebrities. Enjoy!

MLS Players Salaries, 2014


Club Last Name First Name Pos Base Salary Compensation CHI Alex M $ 123,750.00 $ 133,700.00 CHI Amarikwa Quincy F $ 60,000.00 $ 60,000.00 CHI Anangono Juan Luis F $ 175,000.00 $ 175,000.00 CHI Barouch Orr F $ 48,825.00 $ 48,825.00 CHI Cochrane Greg D $ 48,500.00 $ 48,500.00 CHI Duka Dilaver M $ 165,000.00 $ 190,000.00 CHI Franco Marco D $ 36,500.00 $ 36,500.00 CHI Gentile Giuseppe F $ 48,500.00 $ 48,500.00 CHI Hurtado Jhon Kennedy D $ 210,000.00 $ 210,000.00 CHI Ianni Patrick D $ 150,000.00 $ 150,000.00 CHI Johnson Sean GK $ 250,000.00 $ 253,000.00 CHI Joya Benji M $ 48,504.00 $ 53,504.00 CHI Jumper Hunter D $ 48,500.00 $ 48,500.00 CHI Kann Alec GK $ 48,500.00 $ 48,500.00 CHI Kinney Steven D $ 48,825.00 $ 48,825.00 CHI Larentowicz Jeff D $ 245,000.00 $ 251,000.00 CHI Magee Mike F $ 350,000.00 $ 417,500.00 CHI Nyarko Patrick F $ 265,000.00 $ 284,500.00 CHI Palmer Lovel M $ 82,500.00 $ 87,000.00 CHI Pause Logan M $ 75,000.00 $ 75,000.00 CHI Pineda Victor M $ 60,000.00 $ 66,742.42 CHI Reynish Kyle GK $ 74,000.00 $ 78,316.67 CHI Ritter Chris M $ 48,500.00 $ 48,500.00 CHI Segares Gonzalo D $ 160,000.00 $ 173,333.33 CHI Shipp Harrison F $ 70,000.00 $ 95,000.00 CHI Soumare Bakary D $ 330,000.00 $ 370,000.00 CHI Ward Grant F $ 48,500.00 $ 48,500.00 CHI Watson Matt M $ 71,663.00 $ 82,664.99

New Head of Scouting


Chicago Fire have hired Trevor James as the new Head of Scouting. He helped create the Galaxy youth academy which has been very successful. His role with the Fire will be to scout players for the first team (obviously) and assist with the youth academy.

Want a beautiful Chicago soccer kit?


Chicago Red Stars, doing it right. Holy goodness, what an absolutely gorgeous kit. Men here, women here. Buy them and wear them, secure in the knowledge the flag of the greatest city on the planet is the inspiration.

Deadspin Encouraged To Eat Whole Bags Of What Now?


Matt Ufford breaks a foot off in the a** of Deadspin writer Bill Haisley, to hilarious effect.