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Hot Time Roundtables

The Hot Time crew sits down and unpacks the weekend in Chicago Soccer.

Roundtable: School’s Out

It’s over! We’re done!

Roundtable: Counting The Days

The Hot Time crew are ready for this goddamn season to be over with already

Roundtable: Extremely Autumnal

The Hot Time crew catches up after the bye week, touches on Dax’s future with Chicago, and looks ahead to Atlanta

Roundtable: It All Feels Bad

The Hot Time crew grouses over the Fire’s loss to DCU

Roundtable: Everyone’s Fired

The Hot Time crew unpacks the Fire’s 3-1 win over LAFC. Then things get weird.

Roundtable: Chi-Town Slow Jam

The Hot Time crew discusses Fire vs Revs, the end of the Red Stars’ season, and more

Roundtable: Representation Is Important

The Hot Time crew unpacks the win over Orlando, John Strong and Stu Holden’s comments on the Fire FO, and the Red Stars’ huge playoff game tomorrow night

Roundtable: Ride Of The #ScamGang

The Hot Time crew boards the Red Stars Hype Train ahead of the NWSL playoff semifinals this weekend. PLUS: Fire catch-up, weather forecasts, and more!

Roundtable: Highs And Lows

The Hot Time crew runs the emotional gamut as we discuss the Fire’s dropped points against Columbus and the Red Stars’ big win over Orlando

Roundtable: Fighting Words

The Hot Time crew laments a hapless Fire squad and unpacks the Red Stars’ PNW trip

Roundtable: Feels Bad, Man

The Hot Time crew discusses the current state of the club and what’s next for supporters

Roundtable: The Walls Are Closing In

The Hot Time crew unpacks the loss to RSL, Wednesday night in Philly, the return of the Red Stars, and more

Roundtable: Wailing, Gnashing Of Teeth, Etc.

The Despair Scale is being pushed to the limit here at Hot Time headquarters

Roundtable: Counter, Quick, Stop

The Hot Time crew wallows in despair and... that’s about it, really

Roundtable: Pain Scales

The Hot Time crew discusses a rough week for the Fire, a physical clash with Seattle, and more

Roundtable: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

The Hot Time crew discusses the 3-2 loss in Vancouver, Sam Kerr’s hat trick in New Jersey, and more

Roundtable: Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board

The HTIOT crew trifles with powerful forces beyond their understanding in order to #BuyKatai. Plus, #SEAvCHI, #CHIvUTA, & more!

Roundtable: Mum’s The Word

The Hot Time crew discusses some big happenings with the Red Stars, plus the Fire’s upcoming Cup clash in Atlanta

Roundtable: Winning Ugly

The Hot Time crew talks about the Fire’s win over San Jose, the Red Stars’ win over Washington, and the upcoming NWSL break

Roundtable: How Do You Fix This?

The Hot Time crew sifts through the wreckage of the loss to Houston, unpacks the goalless draw in Seattle, & more

Roundtable: Is This Who We Are?

The Hot Time crew discusses Columbus, Houston, and team identities