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Off Season Roundtable

A series of bi-weekly, topical roundtable posts on Fire related topics here at Hot Time In Old Town.

Roundtable: Are the Fire deep enough to compete?

Vastly improved starting XI is backed by a very inexperienced bench

Roundtable: Hosting the All-Star game & the new road greys

Hot Time’s writers speculate about MLS motives in hosting showcase event at Soldier Field

Roundtable: Why do former Fire improve after leaving?

Hot Time’s writers take a crack at describing the seeming malaise about the team

Roundtable: MLS Cup 2017 - who ya got?

Most pick Toronto, motivated by either logic or spite

Roundtable: Who should the Fire protect in the Expansion Draft?

In which we learn it’s much easier to type ‘Kylo’ than ‘Arshakyan’

Roundtable: Remembering Segares

The staff of Hot Time writes about their favorite memories of Gonzalo's 10-year Fire career

Roundtable: Which Yank Abroad should CF97 target?

We kick off the silly season by asking "Which American playing overseas would you recruit to CF97?"

Roundtable: Hot Time Previews MLS 2014

Our redoubtable writers give doomed predictions about the inherently unpredictable - bookmark & save for future arguments!

Roundtable: DP Magee - A Good Move For CF97?

Is this good business, or overpaying for a player at his peak value? Hot Time writers weigh in on the question

Roundtable: Is MLS Single Entity Here To Stay?

The writers of Hot Time debate the lifespan of MLS as a single-entity league. Can first-division football flourish in the USA without training wheels?

Roundtable: Which CF97 Great Would You Add?

We get the Hot Time staff in some kinda hot tub time machine, and they each come back with one Chicago Fire star

Roundtable: Which Club As CF97 Partner?

In the second of our offseason roundtable series, Hot Time writers pick international partners for the Fire

Roundtable: Which Fire Addition Excites You?

Hot Time writers talk about CF97's new acquisitions, and their hopes for 2014

Off Season Roundtable: Cautiously Optimistic

In the first Off Season Roundatable, the HTIOT staff share their thoughts on the hiring of Frank Yallop.